5 Best Effortless Hairstyles That Take You Less Than A Minute (2021)

Want to add something extra to your daily hairstyling routine but too lazy or don’t have the time? Oh well, we’ve all been at that point at least once in our life. So if you’re looking for some hairstyles that are quick and super simple but still look amazing nonetheless, then you’re in luck. Here are the top 5 best effortless hairstyles that will only take you under a minute to be put together.

Read on as our list will give you more ideas about new ways that you can style your hair, as well as inspire you to change your style. A little change can be good, and it’s fun to try out new things, so why not?

The Slicked Back Pony- Effortless Hairstyles For A Quick Glam Look.

The Slicked Back Pony- Effortless Hairstyles For A Quick Glam Look

The Slicked Back Pony- Effortless Hairstyles For A Quick Glam Look

Let’s just say that you’re about to go to a party or an important meeting but your makeup and your outfit picking parts have already taken up almost all of your time and you only have 5 minutes left. Well, don’t panic. The slicked-back pony is here to save the day.

This hairstyle looks amazing in any case. It’s classy, elegant but still has a touch of modern to it, and it can glam you up real quick as it can show off your makeup and earrings, as well as other accessory choices that you might pick. It’s super simple, doesn’t require anything fancy rather than a brush and a hair tie, which every girl should have. If you find yourself rushing to your formal meeting but still want some glam, it’s time to try this style out.

Loose Dutch Braids – Simple And Effortless Hairstyles.

Loose Dutch Braids - Simple And Effortless Hairstyles

Loose Dutch Braids – Simple And Effortless Hairstyles

Dutch braids are just French braids but reversed. Nothing too fancy about it. Once you have got the hang of it, you can do it really quickly. But its easiness doesn’t make it look less appealing, if not giving it more charm than the other styles. It gives you that carefree, easygoing vibe that can go well with any casual outfit in your closet. It is also very highly recommended to be added in the summer hairstyles list.

The best thing about this hairstyle is that it can fit everyone. No matter what your face shape is, makeup or no makeup, fancy dresses, or plain old t-shirt, this style can suit it all. It’s a fun way to add some extra touch to your daily look without taking too much effort to care about other elements such as makeup and clothes.

Double Space Buns – Effortless Hairstyles For Fun Girls.

Double Space Buns - Effortless Hairstyles For Fun Girls

Double Space Buns – Effortless Hairstyles For Fun Girls

Speaking of carefree and fun, if you’re a party girl or simply just have a festive soul, then you should definitely try this style out. Don’t let the look intimidate you, it’s actually super simple to recreate this style. All you’ll need is some hair elastics, a brush, and maybe a hairspray to keep everything in shape once you have done putting it together.

Basically what you have to do is create two symmetrical ponytails, and then wrap them up into buns. You can add accessories such as scrunchies or bows to make them look even more extra, but the hairstyle by itself is just fine. Next time when you’re going to the beach or to a concert, definitely give it a try.

Messy Bun – Effortless Hairstyles For Lazy Girls.

Messy Bun - Effortless Hairstyles For Lazy Girls

Messy Bun – Effortless Hairstyles For Lazy Girls

It will be a shame if we don’t feature the messy bun in the list of the most effortless hairstyles. It’s basically the style created for lazy girls! This style is a lifesaver when you don’t have the time to wash your hair but can’t let your greasy hair down when you go out. The messy bun will hide any traits of your laziness.

It does take some practice to recreate a perfect messy bun, but nothing that your hairspray and bobby pins won’t be able to handle. If you want something fancier, you can add pearls and hair accessories to your messy bun for a super quick elegant look.

Low Bun – Sultry Effortless Hairstyles.

Low Bun - Sultry Effortless Hairstyles

Low Bun – Sultry Effortless Hairstyles

And last but not least, the low bun. Unlike the messy bun, which gives off carefree vibes, the low bun is all about that sultry romantic look. It’s elegant, chic, and super classy. If you’re unsure of the sleek back ponytail, but still want something that looks straight out of the red carpet or fashion magazines, then this is the style for you.

This look takes under a minute to recreate. As long as you know how to make a ponytail and how to wrap it up into a bun, you’ll be fine. It’s super quick and easy, but very eye-catching nonetheless. It’s the perfect hairstyle for dinner dates, as well as formal events.

And there you have it, the best effortless hairstyles that can save your whole look at the last minute. Everybody deserves to look beautiful, and beauty doesn’t mean you have to spend hours styling your hair. These simple and easy yet pretty hairstyles are the prime example of that. If you’re interested in more hairstyles, then check out our posts on Top 5 Ponytail Styles That Can Make You Shine: 2021 Best Picks and Top 5 Best And Hottest Hair Trends Of 2021 too.

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