Cee Hair is the best human hair factory in Vietnam and one of the best wholesale hair vendors all over the world. Here is more information about us that lets you understand more about our journey.


Cee Hair is the biggest hair factory in Vietnam. We are a real hair factory that has been in the wholesale hair business for more than 5 years now. Unlike many commercial companies which resell hair extension products as intermediaries, we are a real hair factory that has our own plants, machines and human resources to produce human hair extensions. All of our products are put under a careful and direct process from producing to distributing. Then, we are confident to supply hair extensions with the best quality and the most reasonable price to the market.

Cee Hair Office

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Founded in 2017, Cee Hair Factory is proud to be one of the best wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam. The factory commits to provide hair extension products which are identically high-quality. With the extraordinary leadership of the founder Mr. Johny (Chi Nguyen), Cee Hair Factory has got closer to the goal of being the biggest hair company in Vietnam. Cee Hair Factory highly values the trust and passionate love you give to us and never stops improving ourselves to meet your expectations.

Number talks:

  • 3 main factories (Raw Processing, Coil and style processing, Extension processing)
  • 20+ dealers, resellers and salons connected and traded worldwide
  • 200+ kg of hair exported per month
  • 30 workers included 8 Quality control members to ensure best quality to partners



Cee Hair is a hair extension export company with 3 clear missions:

  • First of all, Cee Hair has a mission to show that Vietnam is superior to the rest of the world not only in hair but also other merchandise and services. Cee Hair takes the best advantage of available raw hair materials to produce and supply top-quality hair extensions to the worldwide market.
  • Secondly, the responsibility of Cee Hair is to supply hair extensions to women worldwide, raise the beauty of every woman and stimulate their confidence.
  • Last but not least, Cee Hair is an ideal environment for all members to improve themselves, show their passion and realize their dreams.

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Towards Cee Hair, high position in Vietnam’s market is just the beginning of the journey to reach the top. Indeed, Cee Hair intends to become the top global hair manufacturer for all countries around the world.

Core values

  • Best Quality: With the motto “Quality is more important than Quantity”, supplying customers with high-quality hair extensions is the top priority.
  • Best Price: With factories to produce hair extensions and then deliver to customers directly, no intermediaries are added. Wholesale prices offered are the most reasonable from the hair factory.
  • Best Service: Available 24/7, always willing to respond to any question with patience and care.


Cee Hair is now the leading Vietnamese hair factory that exports wholesale hair extensions to customers all over the world. About 60% of the wholesale customers are from African countries, such as: Nigeria, South Africa, etc. The rest are from European-American and other countries such as England, Spain, Germany, the USA, France, Canada and Australia, etc. Cee Hair Vietnam is considered the most trustworthy wholesale hair distributor for more than 20 loyal hair vendors who are hair sellers, salon owners and hair store owners worldwide.

Our Nigerian Customers

After all, Cee Hair always guarantees to supply Vietnamese human hair extensions with the best quality and the most affordable price to customers worldwide. To us, “QUALITY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN QUANTITY”, so you will see Cee Hair as a reliable and high-quality wholesale hair vendor during our journey, as always.

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