Achieve Voluminous Hair At Home With Easiest Techniques

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Why does your hair become flat and oily so quickly? Voluminous natural hair is one of the favorites of many modern women hairstyles. Puffy and voluminous hair gives women a seductive, gentle feminine beauty but equally youthful elegance. Let’s take a look at some of the most common voluminous hairstyles right now. Learn innovative beauty tips right away, and you’ll be able to transform flat hair into voluminous and puffy hair with little effort and keep it for a long time.


Voluminous Hair

1. The cause of your voluminous hair collapsing and becoming oily quickly

There are several factors that contribute to hair becoming greasy soon. Identifying the root of the problem might help you control the issue and keep your voluminous hair healthy. Let’s look at the reasons for greasy hair and how to solve them.

1.1. Cause of voluminous hair: Hormones in the body

Some people have an oily scalp or hormonal imbalances or scalp inflammation. That can cause the scalp to generate more sebum, leaving the scalp in an oily state.


Cause of voluminous hair: Hormones in the body

This condition causes your abundant hair to become greasy, sticky, and often thin, pushing against the scalp even after styling. It is tough to cure definitively since it is caused by bodily hormones. If the condition is interfering with your everyday life, you can only find temporary relief for voluminous hair results by washing your hair often or consulting a doctor.

This hormone reason is quite hard to fix as it belongs to your natural body. In this case, you can consider using hair extensions from a well-known hair factory which can ensure to provide you the most voluminous and beautiful hair. Choosing to trust the hair factories while finding some ways to fix your inside issues is a wise choice.

1.2. Cause of voluminous hair: Too frequent hair wash

The more you wash your voluminous hair, the more the chemicals in the shampoo make the scalp dry, and the body’s self-balancing process causes the scalp to secrete more oil to manage the level of oil in the scalp. Therefore, the more you wash your hair, the less clean it will be and the faster it will become greasy.


Cause of voluminous hair: Too frequent hair wash

If you wash your hair too frequently, the chemicals in the shampoo will eliminate these helpful bacteria, leaving your scalp even more sensitive and difficult to care for. Shampoo 2-3 times each week, using shampoos with moisturizing or anti-dandruff properties that are appropriate for your hair and scalp condition.

1.3. Cause of voluminous hair: Too tight hair tie

When you merely want to disguise your flat hair, a ponytail helps you look young and healthy. However, tying your hair in a ponytail too frequently and too tightly can make it worse and oily faster. Because this hairstyle clogs the scalp, they secrete more oil at the roots.


Cause of voluminous hair: Too tight hair tie

Furthermore, tying it excessively tightly or using hair style products will cause the roots to expand. Chemicals cause harm to the hair, making it fragile and prone to falling out. This makes styling voluminous hair challenging.

1.4. Cause of voluminous hair: Inappropriate hair care products

Before picking a hair care product based solely on the aroma or effects you’ve only read about, pay attention to your hair and scalp. Hair care products restore hair by acting as a protective layer, but you must pick the proper type for your hair. If your hair and scalp are both dry, you might pick an intensive moisturizing kind. Moisturizing your hair will just make it thicker, stickier, and less bouncy.


Cause of voluminous hair: Inappropriate hair care products

With an oily scalp, use a regular shampoo, do not specialize in treating hair issues, and use a deep clean product twice a month to “purify” the scalp, clean free of substances due to long-term buildup, and leaves voluminous hair appearing cleaner.

1.5. Cause of voluminous hair: Hair rinse with hot water

Hot water aids in the opening of pores, the removal of debris, and the dissolution of excess oil in the hair. However, washing your hair in hot water can cause your scalp to dry out and absorb more chemicals from the shampoo.


Cause of voluminous hair: Hair rinse with hot water

Not only that, but hot water encourages the scalp to create more oil, which promotes dandruff and irritation. After washing your hair with warm water, rinse it with cool water to shut the pores and get voluminous hair.

2. Hair care routine for a voluminous hair 

Every girl desires to have attractive, strong, bouncy hair that is free of dandruff and is not damaged or broken. However, not everyone understands how to properly care for and feed their hair. Begin developing long-term healthy hair care practices for abundant hair from now. Below is the hair care routine recommended by K-Hair factory, the best hair factory in Vietnam for you to consider.

2.1. Wash your hair twice for voluminous hair

Washing your hair twice, according to hair care expert Sallis, is an excellent approach to thicken voluminous hair that many people ignore. Because the shampoo’s primary function in the first wash is to clean the hair by eliminating debris, perspiration, and dandruff. Because the scalp is normally fairly unclean while using this shampoo, it will froth quite a bit.


Wash your hair twice for voluminous hair

The absorption of nutrients from the shampoo for the voluminous hair will therefore become simpler in the second wash, once your scalp has been cleared of filth. At the same time, the shampoo will foam up more than the previous time. Shampoo your hair twice to make it smoother and more bouncy. Furthermore, it reduces hair loss and aids in the treatment of dry, damaged hair.

This is not to be mistaken with not washing your hair too frequently. Washing your hair twice with shampoo for each wash and then washing again after 2-3 days is not the same as washing every day, even 2-3 times a day. The repeated washing is a complete cycle from the moment the shampoo is applied to the hair until the hair is dried and repeated, which is why the shampoo is counterproductive.

2.2. Avoid using conditioner on the hair roots for voluminous hair

To make your hair more bouncy after washing, apply additional conditioner or hair lotion. One thing to keep in mind is to avoid applying conditioner on the hairline. Using conditioner on the hair roots clogs the pores, resulting in a sticky state, soft hair, and easy collapse.


Avoid using conditioner on the hair roots for voluminous hair

Apply conditioner to the ends of the hair, working your way up, avoiding the hair that is around 2-3 cm away from the scalp. In addition to shampoo and conditioner, you may apply a hair mask and leave it on for 15-30 minutes to strengthen and smooth your voluminous hair.

2.3. Massage scalp for voluminous hair

According to several studies, scalp massage not only relieves tension and weariness from a long day at work, but it also improves blood circulation and boosts blood circulation to the brain. It also promotes hair development by supporting the growth of hair follicles.


Massage scalp for voluminous hair

Therefore, hair might become less brittle, longer, and thicker. If you massage your baby’s scalp for 10 minutes every day, his or her hair will develop rapidly.

2.4. Use hair oils for voluminous hair

Hair oils are currently quite popular for the aim of softening hair. Simultaneously, adding vitamins and minerals to the scalp helps to feed the hair, making it more lustrous and voluminous hair. Let’s take a look at the essential oils for thick hair that many people swear by right now.


Use hair oils for voluminous hair

  • Coconut oil: one of the greatest natural oils for hair restoration and preventing protein molecule shortage, which is a cause of hair loss.
  • Rosemary oil: They aid to make hair more lustrous and voluminous by washing the scalp and fully eradicating dandruff.
  • Tea tree oil: This is an essential oil that is ideal for those of you who have frizzy, easy-to-stick hair. Tea tree oil’s ingredients help to speed up the process of repairing hair texture, nourish each hair, and strengthen it.

2.5. Make hair mask for voluminous hair

You also use moisturizer, shampoo, and conditioner on a daily basis. Consider applying a hair mask to nourish your hair and make it more thick, silky, and voluminous hair.


Make hair mask for voluminous hair

With only a few simple household components such as honey, eggs, or butter. You may already make hair masks that provide significant benefits when used on a daily basis.

2.6. Follow healthy diet for voluminous hair

A full, balanced nutritional diet is required for deep-seated hair development. Protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin E present in diets encourage hair development and prevent dryness and breakage.


Follow healthy diet for voluminous hair

Furthermore, several vitamins preserve blood vessels, blood flow to the scalp, and hair follicles, reducing your hair’s sticky, less bouncy condition. Consume enough nutrients to achieve the most natural voluminous hair.

3. Some quick voluminous hair tips for girls

Thin, oily, and flat hair is not only unattractive, but it also makes ladies feel insecure while socializing with everyone. However, not all of us have time or financial means to visit the salon on a regular basis. So, what is a quick, simple, and effective approach to achieve voluminous hair at home?

3.1. Hairdryer for voluminous hair

Hair dryers are becoming a common household appliance for many ladies. The dryer not only speeds up drying time, but it also styles the voluminous hair. After shampooing and towel-drying your hair, drop your head and dry it from the nape of your neck to the top of your head.


Hairdryer for voluminous hair

This will add volume to the area of hair closest to the scalp. Then, your hair will grow thicker and more voluminous. This is also the way of how to grow bangs out fast to consider. You must be careful not to dry your hair at too high a temperature while using this approach. Too much heat will harm the health of the hair, diminishing moisture and causing the voluminous hair to become dry and brittle.

3.2. Round comb for voluminous hair

A round comb is a tool that may help hair grow swiftly and beautifully. To begin, separate your hair into little portions. Then, roll your hair evenly and near to the roots using a round brush.


Round comb for voluminous hair

Hold for about 1 minute before repeating with the other curls. In addition, you may use a round brush in conjunction with a drier to enhance volume and produce subtle, natural waves in your hair.

3.3. Dry shampoo or hair volume powder for voluminous hair

Many people today are aware of the usage of dry shampoo or volumetric powder to naturally thicken and volumize hair. When applying dry shampoo, keep the spray container about 20cm away from the hairline. The shampoo should next be gradually massaged into the hair roots. Dry shampoo can help you avoid stickiness, excess oil, and achieve naturally voluminous hair.


Dry shampoo or hair volume powder for voluminous hair

You may also use additional hair powder. This is an extremely effective product for holding hair in place and providing maximum volume.

As mentioned before, using hair extensions is a wise choice while finding a long-term solution to your hair issue. Therefore, don’t forget that choosing a hair vendor supplier is always your backup solution. In fact, hair suppliers are able to distribute a wide range of voluminous and attractive hairstyles that will blow your mind!

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