Best Female Hairstylists To Follow For Hair Trends 2021

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Did you know, the majority of the awesome hairstyle looks that you’ve seen famous actresses and global female models are actually created by male hairstylists? Yes, the number of female hairstylists in the industry has been increasing lately, but nowhere near the balance that we’re looking for. With that being said, these talented female hairstylists need all the support and love they can get. Here are some of the most amazing female hairstylists list that you can follow for new hair trends, so go check them out and give them the love they deserve.

Jen Atkin – Most Influential Female Hairstylists.

Jen Atkin - Most Influential Female Hairstylists

Jen Atkin – Most Influential Female Hairstylists

If you care about what is trending in the hairstyling world, then you might have known the name, Jen Atkin. Voted by the New York Times as “the most influential hairstylist in the world”, Atkin is an amazingly talented hairstylist and a successful woman. Her journey started out with the job of a salon receptionist, and look at what she has accomplished after all those years! Atkin’s portfolio now has the names of some of the most high-profile clients in Hollywood. She herself owns a hair-care brand and is followed by 3.3 million people on Instagram.

Her Instagram feed will share with you her stories about working with Hailey Bieber, Chrissy Teigen, and Priyanka Chopra… and other famous stars. She also shared amazing hair styling posts here too so definitely go check her out.

Lacy Redway – Female Hairstylists To Follow For Braids.

Lacy Redway - Female Hairstylists To Follow For Braids

Lacy Redway – Female Hairstylists To Follow For Braids

If you’re a fan of braids, this is the hairstylist to follow. The Jamaican-born hairstylist Lacy Redway is one of the best braiders that you can ever discover in the hair community and a real gem of talent. Her journey with hair styling started with styling natural hair when she was just 14 years old. She is now one of Hollywood’s most well-rounded stylists, working with everyone from Tessa Thompson to FKA twigs.

Her works mostly cover braiding or working with a protective style. However, if you want something more than that, Redway’s talented hands also create ample curly updo inspiration like the iconic high-impact bun on actress Zazie Beetz too. Go and shower with the love she deserves guys. You can also buy braiding hair extensions from reputable wholesale hair vendors to easily style your favorite braids!

Jenny Cho – Inspirational Female Hairstylists.

Lacy Redway - Female Hairstylists To Follow For Braids

If you’re a fan of Scarlett Johansson, Amanda Seyfried, or Kristen Bell, and love their hairstyles in their movies on the silver screen as well as on the carpet, then chances are it was brushed and blown out by Jenny Cho. This amazing hairstylist is full of passion and creativity, which she channels into her career by creating unique and beautiful hairstyles for her clients.

One of her most iconic creations must be the hairstyle that she has done for Johansson the Avengers premiere, one of her best hairstyles to date: a blonde lob parted down the middle and amped up with loose, tousled bends. It’s classy, sophisticated, and carries a timeless beauty to it, just as her many other works.

Nikki Nelms – Creative Female Hairstylists

Nikki Nelms - Creative Female Hairstylists

Nikki Nelms – Creative Female Hairstylists

If you are looking for unique creativity from someone who is unafraid to step outside the box, then you gotta love our girl, Nikki. Nikki Nelms is more than an artist — she’s a visionary. Her talents can cover a wide range of styles from the avant-garde, like a faux bob studded with butterfly appliqués, to a simple, chic pixie à la Zoë Kravitz.

Nelms is one of Hollywood’s favorite girls for natural-hair updos. One of the famous looks that she has created is the romantic Victorian-style bun on Yara Shahidi, which is super beautiful and mesmerizing.

Ursula Stephen – Female Hairstylists To Follow For The Prettiest Hairstyles.

Ursula Stephen - Female Hairstylists To Follow For The Prettiest Hairstyles

Ursula Stephen – Female Hairstylists To Follow For The Prettiest Hairstyles

Ursula Stephen has a quite impressive resumé. She has been working with global celebrities such as Rihanna, Queen Latifah, and Serena Williams as well as many other well-known stars. Not only did she have the experience working in the editorial world for more than a decade, but Stephen is also a successful businesswoman with her own salon in Brooklyn, where she educates younger stylists on the importance of understanding different hair textures.

Stephen is the hand behind the ornate pearl-studded updo that the Black Panther breakout star Letitia Wright has worn to last year’s Academy Awards. Her other works that are shared on her social media are no less breathtakingly beautiful, so definitely go and follow her.

We hope that after reading our post, you’ve gone and checked out all these amazingly talented female hairstylists and follow them on their social media. Not only did their posts look cool and extremely aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also a great source of inspiration for you to try out and build your style with it.  And while you’re at it, check out our post on Best Instagram Hairstylists That You Can Follow 2021 and Famous Celebrity Hairstylist That Worth To Follow (2021 Edition).

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