Best Instagram Hairstylists That You Can Follow 2021

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Social media is a great source of inspiration for style, especially Instagram. It’s easy to spend hours and hours scrolling through your Instagram feed and being hypnotized by aesthetically pleasing photos of some influencer. And if you’re wondering why their hair looks so good in those pictures, you’re not the only one.

These are all great hairstylists as well as talented influencers that deserve to be recognized. But more than that, they’re a great source of inspiration as well as new ideas to try out the next time you decide to give your hair a makeover. Give their account a look, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

#1 Instagram Hairstylists To Follow Neal Farinah.

#1 Instagram Hairstylists To Follow Neal Farinah

#1 Instagram Hairstylists To Follow Neal Farinah

If you want something that is bold, beautiful, and out of the box, you should go and check our Neal Farinah asap. Aside from his passion for his works and his unique creativity, he also has years of experience in hair styling up his sleeves. He prides himself on his ability to transform the hair of famous Black women and his unmatched ability to turn out every look under the sun.

One of the most iconic works of his is the mind-blowing sculptural hairstyles created for Beyoncè’s ‘Black Is King’ film. With this mesmerizing hairstyle, there is no doubt that he has firmly secured his place among the most iconic artists on the industry list.

#2 Instagram Hairstylists To Follow: Jenny Cho.

#2 Instagram Hairstylists To Follow: Jenny Cho

#2 Instagram Hairstylists To Follow: Jenny Cho

Jenny Cho is the hand behind many famous hairstyle features on the silver screen as well as the red carpet. Chances are your favorite look of your favorite actresses in the last Academy Award was created by her. Globally famous names such as Lucy Boynton and Charlize Theron, to Scarlet Johansson and Katherine Langford’s, are some of her famous clients in her portfolio.

She is passionate, creative, and very talented. Her works look stunningly beautiful, modernize but still carry a timeless classiness to them, and that’s why they’re mesmerizing.

#3 Instagram Hairstylists To Follow Anthony Turner.

#3 Instagram Hairstylists To Follow Anthony Turner

#3 Instagram Hairstylists To Follow Anthony Turner

If you want something dedicated entirely to hairstyling and positivity alone, then you should follow this guy. No drama, no BS, just awesome helpful, and entertaining posts. And thanks to that, Anthony Turner has given himself a place in many people’s hearts. His signature style, however, is anything but tame. It’s full of dramatic, experimental, and bold dynamic flair. He is the go-to stylist for fashion week and the man behind those Victoria’s Secret show bouncy waves.

If you love hairstyling, you will love this guy. From easy and simple hairstyles to the more red carpet-worthy ones, Turner can do it all.

#4 Instagram Hairstylists To Follow Vernon Francois.

#4 Instagram Hairstylists To Follow: Vernon Francois

#4 Instagram Hairstylists To Follow: Vernon Francois

A great source of education when it comes to hair styling is Vernon Francois. No one can be more committed when it comes to training and celebration of textured hair than this guy. You can easily get impressed by his breathtakingly beautiful work of the finger wave braids for Amandla Stenberg. It’s so beautiful it’s almost magical.

By following his Instagram, you’ll get the chance to look at how his works have been done and how to define your curls. He is truly a hairstylist that is full of creativity, passion, and insight.

#5 Instagram Hairstylists To Follow Paul Hanlon.

#5 Instagram Hairstylists To Follow Paul Hanlon

#5 Instagram Hairstylists To Follow Paul Hanlon

If you’re a fan of the haute couture culture and love the crazy runway hairstyles, you need to follow this guy asap. Paul Hanlon has been the hand that is responsible for creating the most extreme and crazy hair looks on many high-fashion shows. His works are featured from Alexander McQueen’s AW08 show with a regal romp, to Tao’s SS11 extra-terrestrial look, and of course Gucci’s SS19 eccentric 80s-meets-Alice in Wonderland-meets old woman look. He is the king of unique hairstyles for sure.

Follow his Instagram and you will get the chance to enjoy his other works of art. His feed is super aesthetically pleasing, as well as inspirational for people who are looking for the next dramatic hairstyle to try out.

Already followed all the Instagram hairstylists above but still want more? Well, then you’re in luck. Check out our list of the Best Female Hairstylists To Follow For Hair Trends 2021 and Famous Celebrity Hairstylists That Worth To Follow (2021 Edition) for more amazing sources of inspiration!

We hope that by following these amazingly talented hairstylists, you can better build your own style and find the hairstyle that suits you the best. They’re not only a great source of inspiration, their post can also provide a better guide for you to decide how to style your hair. And if you feel like your hairstyling game might need a boost, check out amazing ombre, wavy, or raw bulk hair extensions from us who are considered a top hair warehouse. We wish you the best on your beauty journey.

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