Brown hair with red highlights: 5 amazing secrets about highlights

There are more than a half worldwide population having the natural dark hair color including the brown hair. If you find the whole scalp with this dark color boring and dull, you can add pieces of different colors to make it more special and stunning. Brown hair with red highlights is one of the most loved choices among people as this style is easy to adapt and the making process is not complicated. This writing will bring the fullest knowledge about this hairstyle.


Brown hair with red highlights: 5 amazing secrets about highlights

1. Brown hair with red highlights: Overview about highlights in hair

Before going to the guidance of making red highlights at home, here is the insight into this hairstyle as well as a comprehensive comparison with the lowlights on hair.

1.1. Brown hair with red highlights: What are the highlights?

Highlights on hair are the strands having lighter tone or color than the base hair or natural hair. The highlights are most applied for the hair with dark color such as black or brown to make it more depth and dimension.

Brown hair with red highlights is one of the trendy hairstyles that has pieces of red dyed hair blended with the brown base color. This combination is not too outstanding but still impressive enough and fits almost all tones of skin.


Brown hair with red highlights: What are the highlights?

1.2. Brown hair with red highlights: How to differ the highlights and lowlights

Lowlights are a method for creating a darker base by coloring hair strands. Your light hair now has more depth and character as a result of this. People with natural blonde hair who feel their hair too light or thin prefer lowlights the most.

In general, both lowlights and highlights are small pieces of hair with different colors, usually the contrast one, in comparison with the base hue of hair. As these two types have distinct methods of making, their durability is not similar. You can consult top best hair in bulk suppliers and resellers for detailed product advice.


Brown hair with red highlights: How to differ the highlights and lowlights

2. Brown hair with red highlights

This part will give you the most trendy and stunning options of brown hair with red highlights. In addition, if you wonder if the red highlights require bleaching or not, the answer will be revealed below.

2.1. Why should I have brown hair with red highlights?

If you are hesitating to have the red highlights on your brown hair, just do it. There are numerous benefits to opt for the highlights. First and foremost, the red highlights will bring a fresh and youthful look to people with dark hair color.

In addition, the brown hair with red highlights will have added movement and dimension that make it more stunning. Last but not least, the highlight strands require simpler maintenance and upkeep than the entire dyed hair. Your scalp will also have less damage after dyeing.

2.2. Typical types of brown hair with red highlights

Light brown hair with red highlights

If your brown hair is light and soft, you should add the highlights with bright tones of red. The color can turn into peach color. This hairstyle is relevant to girls with a sweet and girly appearance. The drawback of this highlight is its color can not last for a long time as the light red color can fade quickly.

Dark brown hair with red highlights

When it comes to dark brown hair, the most appropriate color of red highlights is burgundy. The dark burgundy hue will add the dimension for your hair and blend well with the original strands. You can definitely see the radiant effect of your hair when you have dark burgundy highlights.


Typical types of brown hair with red highlights

Short brown hair with red highlights

If you have a long face shape and brown hair, you can consider adding the red highlights on it to make it more special. No matter if your hair updo or pixie bobs or short layers, the red highlights can lift it to another level.

Long brown hair with red highlights

This is one of the most common hairstyles- the long brown hair with red highlights. Thanks to the certain length of the hair strands, you can have wavy vs curly hair volumes with the emphasis on the red strands. The red highlights provide a 3D look for your brown hair, particularly the hair with curls. As long as the red strands are blended, your hair will look pretty lively and energetic.

2.3. Other colors of highlights for brown hair

Brown hair with blonde hair

If you are looking for an extreme contrast in the color of hair and highlights, the blonde is one of the most highly recommended options. The soft blonde highlights can get on well with the versatility of sandy brown hair. The icy blonde highlights have been a popular and trendy option for brown hair owners recently.


Other colors of highlights for brown hair

Brown hair with caramel hair

Beside the brown hair with red highlights, caramel strands deserve to be added on your dark-based hair. This combination flowing from one shade to the other provides a vibe of cuteness and youth. The caramel highlights are the flatterings on your brown hair as the colors can blend well together. This color can match all the light, medium and dark brown hair.

3. DIY brown hair with red highlights

If you are interested in brown hair with red highlights, you can definitely make it at home by yourself instead of going to the salon or asking for the help of an expert. Here is the guideline with full details to DIY dye red strands.

3.1. Brown hair with red highlights: Do the red highlights need bleaching?

To be honest, the bleaching before dyeing red highlights is not always necessary. If your hair is virgin, in other words, has not experienced the chemical treatment, you can directly dye the brown hair into dark red.

However, the red color can easily turn to an orange tone, which means brown hair with non-bleaching red highlights may not have the right color when the dyeing is finished. If your hair is too dark brown or has applied chemicals, you had better bleach the strands. You should use a 30-volume developer. If your hair is accidently turn into orange, go for the best toner for orange bleached hair.


Brown hair with red highlights: Do the red highlights need bleaching?

3.2. How to get brown hair with red highlights at home

Here are the steps to dye the red highlights from your natural brown hair strands.


  • Powder bleach
  • Developer level 20 or 30
  • Red hair dye (The darker your brown hair is, the darker shade of red should be chosen)
  • Mixing bowl, brush, gloves, old clothing

How to dye red highlights:

  • Step 1: Make a skin test to see whether you have any allergies. To ensure that the hair dye is safe, place a drop on the skin of your palm. If your skin does not turn red or rough after 10 minutes, you are not allergic to the dye. In the meanwhile, if there are any, refrain from applying that type of hair dye.
  • Step 2: Wash your hair one or two days before dyeing it, since the oil on your hair will help the hair dye adhere to the strands more efficiently. It is recommended that you do not add conditioner to your hair strands the day before you plan to dye them since the texture will disrupt the natural oils on them.
  • Step 3: Before dying, put on a pair of plastic gloves and an old shirt to avoid damaging your beloved clothes and having negative effects on your skin. Cover your shoulders with an old towel and gently cover your ears. Close to the hairline on the forehead, apply a coating of vaseline or petroleum oil.
  • Step 4: Take the powder bleach and developer in the mixing bowl and use the brush to blend them together. Take notice of the instructions on the box of the product, follow the ratio recommended to get the best mixture.

How to get brown hair with red highlights at home

  • Step 5: Make tiny strands with your hair. To create highlights, divide your hair with a tail comb with a metal end. The hair strands for dyeing are in both your hair’s top and bottom layers.
  • Step 6: Apply the bleach mixture on one by one hair section, start from the strand at the bottom half. Wrap the dyed section in foil. Use a hair brush to apply the bleach evenly and closest to the hair roots.
  • Step 7: Leave the bleach on your hair for a certain time based on the directions of the product. If you suffer from the burning feeling on your scalp or there is breaking in your hair strands, wash the bleach immediately.
  • Step 8: Remove the foils and wash the bleach. Make sure that the hairlines are cleaned completely as well as the nape and ears. After washing, your hair should not be gritty or sandy when you touch it.
  • Step 9: Mix the red hair dye following the instructions of proportion on the box of the product. Re-apply the petroleum jelly to your hairline to keep your skin safe from the red color. Therefore, you will not have trouble with the question how to get hair dye off scalp but not hair.
  • Step 10: Apply the red hair dye on your bleached strands and wrap them in foil after finishing. Leave the dye on your hair for around 30 minutes then wash them carefully with cool water. Remember to wipe the petroleum jelly before washing and apply the conditioner at the end.

3.3. How to maintain brown hair with red highlights

Red highlight is not hard to maintain, as long as you pay enough attention to hair care. Below are 4 points to remember to maintain your brown hair with red highlights.

  • Use the appropriate products: Instead of using regular shampoo, wash your hair with coloured hair shampoo. After you’ve washed your hair, use an equal conditioner to moisturize the strands. You may also use the hair oil to nourish coloured hair on a regular basis.
  • Re-dye your hair: As your hair continues to grow, the roots of coloured strands will revert to their original brown color as the hair becomes longer. To get the greatest red highlights, re-dye the hair strands after the new roots are considerably vibrant, which is usually after 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Reduce the number of times you wash: the more you wash, the faster the color fades. As a result, rather than washing your hair three times a week as is customary, you just do it once or twice a week. Remember to only rinse your hair with cold water since high temperatures will remove the color.
  • Heat styling and UV rays should be avoided: for at least one day after dying your hair, since UV rays can fade the red color. Avoid using the dryer or iron to curl your hair since the high temperatures will cause your strands to dry out and the colors to fade.

4. Brown hair with red highlights extensions

If you are concerned about the bad effect of bleaching when you dye the real highlights, there is a replacement to consider. Hair extensions are becoming a popular beauty product that are favored by numerous people. Thus, having brown hair with red highlights stuck on is an ideal option to protect your scalp.


Brown hair with red highlights extensions

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