Christmas Hairstyles – How to Prepare for Christmas Hair Order 2022


You are a wholesale hair reseller, a salon hair extension owner, a local hair supplier or anyone planning to start a hair business? Then, your hair sale season – Christmas is coming!!! Have you made up your mind how to best prepare for this special occasion? If not yet, don’t worry, as we are here to give you the best plan! All you need to consider, from hot trend Christmas hairstyles, perfect timeline for hair in bulk ordering to popular hair sellers’ issues at Christmas will be now clearly explained. What’s special, this post is the unique share from hair experts and experienced factory bosses towards hair sellers, especially for newbie starters, to provide useful experiences in the hair business. Hence, you will not find such a post of faithful advice like this anywhere else. We hope that you will together with many other hair sellers share this useful knowledge!

1. Why do hair sellers need to prepare for Christmas – the booming time of Christmas hairstyles?

  • In most European, American or African countries, Christmas is the biggest festival of the year. What’s more, Christmas is followed by another big festival, the New Year festival. This is also the reason why Christmas together with New Year is celebrated largely all over the countries.
  • What people do in festivals is to gather, hang out, relax and take more care of themselves. Therefore, Christmas, the biggest festival of the year, is not an exception. People consider this time the occasion to pay rewards to themselves for a hard-working year. They tend to hang out with relatives, friends and family. As a result, the demand for a pretty look to go outside increases significantly. Women in those countries tend to pay much attention to their hair; they often choose hair extensions, especially Christmas hairstyles – a simple and effective solution to renewing themselves!!!

People gathering in their Christmas hairstyles

  •  As mentioned above, hair extension or Christmas hair do is the top 1 choice of women when it comes to an option to beautify for Christmas. Hence, this is a really big opportunity for hair resellers in general to boost the sale of retail and wholesale hair distrbutor products! No matter whether you are a hair salon owner, a wholesale hair reseller or a local hair supplier, etc, Christmas is always the golden time to increase the sale of hair extensions. Just make sure that you prepare enough hair of different styles and categories to meet the demand of all your customers!

2. Issues that many hair resellers face every Christmas & the importance of defining Christmas hairstyles

Knowing that Christmas is the sale season of hair extensions and Christmas hair do or Christmas hairstyles, many hair sellers may think that just sit still and the sale will naturally come. In fact, no sale will come if you don’t have any preparation. The truth is many resellers turned Christmas into their worst sale period due to such typical mistakes. In order to help you avoid such similar regrettable faults, we will analyze all of them below. You can be assured that all the knowledge is accumulated from our practical experiences of being a prestigious hair factory in the hair business for decades.

Issues with Christmas hairstyles sale

2.1. Issue 1: Lack of preparation

  • Analyzing the issue

The lack of preparation seems to be the most common mistake of hair resellers when referring to a reason for their poor sale during Christmas. They just import and resell hair like a normal schedule with a simple thought that they just need to import more hair, especially Christmas hairstyles to serve more customers. They simply have no precalculation of possible issues such as the added production time or the delay of shipping due to overloaded demands.

In concrete, they do not calculate the ordering time in advance, so when they make a wholesale order with the factory, the hair finally cannot be delivered on time. Just some days of added producing time coupled with 2-3 weeks of shipping delay can totally ruin the Christmas sale! When the hair comes, the festival already ended, and the customers already chose other sellers. What is left to do is just thinking about how to sell up that huge number of hair extensions!

  • What is the solution?

So, what can be the solution to issue number 1? Remember that the solution of an issue always originates from the reason. The only way is to prepare for yourself a careful plan before ordering hair for Christmas. You should write down the plan with all the possible risks like delay or factories selling out hair or so on. Then, an important step is to list all the possible solutions to make sure you work well with the factory. For more specific suggestions, you can read the third item.

Lack of preparation for Christmas hairstyles order

2.2. Issue 2: Wrong choice of distributor factory

  • Analyzing the issue

As many hair resellers suddenly realize that they really need a big number of hair extensions with Christmas hairstyles for the Christmas sale, they start to be worried and rush to find a wholesale hair factory. They are, of course, usually attracted by factories which can offer a variety of hair at quite a low price together with a guarantee of producing time. Then, they hurry to make an order in bulk, to make sure they get the hair as soon as possible. However, that rush prevents them from doing one important task – it is checking the factory! The result is, many unreliable factories just break the commitment. They may deliver unqualified hair, delay the delivery, or even refuse to ship the hair and disappear! This not only makes resellers miss a big sale occasion but also causes a big loss of money.

  • What is the solution?

What all resellers need to do is to check the factory carefully before making an order. So, how to check, or how to initially realize whether a factory is unreliable? You can follow these simple ways:

    • Make a quick check through video call
    • Make a sample order if it is still possible
    • Check authenticity of the information provided on website

Wrong choice of Christmas hairstyles distributor

The earlier you find the factory, the more time you have to check it. Therefore, don’t forget to start your plan at a suitable time. For more specific signals of a fraud factory, you can check out this post: How to identify a fraud factory

2.3. Issue 3: Wrong Determination for best selling hairstyles for xmas, leading to slow sale

  • Analyzing the issue

At Christmas, the choice of what to sell is also of importance. While during normal daily sales, you can import a variety of hair types and persuade your customers to try, for Christmas, your customers will tend to only choose the most trendy hairstyles, especially Christmas hairstyles. If you fail to identify at least one popular style, you will not be able to sell any at all.

Wrong determination of Christmas hairstyles

  • What is the solution?

Researching the market by yourselves to find out the hot trend collections is one way. However, it is quite hard and time-consuming. What is highly recommended is that you find for yourself an experienced hair dealer to give you the answer. To do so, you need to work with a prestigious factory first, then the factory boss will be able to mentor you on what to choose for your Christmas sale.

One suggestion is the factory boss Cherry of K-Hair Factory – top 1 wholesale hair factory in Vietnam. To check the reliability of K-Hair, you can check out its official website here: K-Hair Factory

As the boss of such a reliable hair factory as K-Hair, Ms. Cherry is definitely able to give you the most useful advice about hair trend predictions and business orientation. After years of working in the hair business, she has accompanied many hair resellers and helped them succeed. So, don’t hesitate but contact her right now to get advice.

3. A detailed plan to get ready for Christmas sale season – disclosing Christmas hairstyles

After all, the most concern is to find out a practical plan for all the issues above, right! Please keep reading and you will know when and how to make a proper order as well as what to order for the upcoming Christmas!

3.1. Plan a timeline for hair order

You should remember that, usually, no one will wait until Christmas to beautify themselves with Christmas hairstyles. In fact, they tend to have everything well done about 2-3 weeks beforehand. This means you as a hair seller have to get your goods ready for Xmas sale before or right at this time. Don’t hope that anyone will come to you for hair on Christmas Eve!

Plan to order Christmas hairstyles

So, to have the hair ready 2-4 weeks before Christmas, when is the perfect time to order the Christmas hairstyles in bulk? You need to consider the timeline very carefully. Normally, the suitable time to make an order is in October or at the beginning of November. The reasons lie in these 2 factors:

  • The normal time needed for a factory to produce a hair in bulk order is 20 days
  • The shipping time to US UK is about 3-5 days and to African countries (especially Nigeria) is 7-10 days. When there is a delay, the number can rise to 12 days or even more

Let’s do a calculation. If you order the hair in mid-October, assume it is October 15, then the hair will be done on November 5 or later. To ship the hair to US UK, it takes 5 more days, so resellers will get the hair in mid-November. To deliver to Nigeria, the coming day is later, at the end of November. This is the best time to receive the hair, as you do not get the hair too early or too late, and also have enough time to classify and advertise your hair as well as to reorganize the store.

What if you wait until December to make an order? Then, if luckily, you’ll receive the hair on New Year Eve – when people all get their hair done!!! Therefore, remember that having a sensible timeline is very important, don’t wait until Christmas for Xmas sale when every effort is just too late and useless!

Time to order Christmas hairstyles

A timeline for Christmas hairstyles order

3.2. Identify hot trend Christmas hairstyles

Another factor that affects your Christmas sale effectiveness is the right choice of hot Christmas hairstyles. So, have you updated the hair trend of this year? Let us help you!!

Colorful Christmas hairstyles

3.2.1. Hot trend Christmas hairstyles

For 2022, there are two hairstyles that are super prominent in the hair market:

  • Bonestraight hair: the hair that is never out of fashion and always the first to be sold up every Christmas. There is a wide range of bonestraight hair extensions to choose from, such as black bonestraight hair or full color bonestraight hair. This is definitely one of the must-sell Christmas hairstyles!

Christmas hairstyles – bonestraight hair

  • Curly hair: hot trend of 2022 is full kinds of curly hair: ranging from deep curl, body curl to funmi curl, etc. These are also must-sell Christmas hairstyles!

Christmas hairstyles – curly hair

Black curly hair – Christmas hairstyles

3.2.2. Hot trend Christmas hairstyles in Nigeria, Ghana and South African countries

Many resellers also ask us about the Christmas hairstyles in Nigeria or other African countries, so we will give the answer here. Actually, hot trend hair styles are the ones which are never out of fashion and popular almost all over the world, so the hair trends there are quite the same as those of the whole market. Below are two group of most trendy hair:

  • Bonestraight hair: Bonestraight hair is always the favorite hairstyle of every African woman. Besides, African women also fancy hairstyles which have a variety of colors, especially outstanding colors. Therefore, bonestraight hair with a full choice of colors will be their prior options.

Christmas hairstyles collection

Preparation is not need in merely Christmas or Xmas sale. In fact, you need to have a good preparation all the sale times. Then, you can also consult more about daily hairstyles:

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