Dresses That Every Girl Should Have In Their Closet (2021 Edition)


There are almost countless styles when it comes to dresses. Therefore, a girl could own countless dresses but still feel like they’re missing something. However, despite our thirst for new dresses every time we read a new fashion magazine, there are some dresses that every girl should have at least one in their closet.

Let’s take a look at these dresses and see what they’re like. Their charm will make you understand why they are a must-have of many girls. If you’re wondering what your closet is missing, then check if you’ve skipped one of these.

The Little Black Dress – The Ultimate Must-Have Dresses.

The Little Black Dress - The Ultimate Must-Have Dresses

The Little Black Dress – The Ultimate Must-Have Dresses

A little black dress, or LDB for short, is a must-have in any girl’s closet. It’s a fact. Every girl owns one of these, if not more than one. It was invented by Coco Chanel and has become the favorite of women around the world. It’s versatile, classy, and charming. It can be the outfit for your dinner dates, your office meetings, to your nights out at the club. You can wear it to pretty much any occasion.

The best thing about LBD is that it takes next to no effort to style. Depending on your taste and preference, you can pick one or more in varying lengths, silhouettes, and fabrics.

A Maxi Dress – Dresses For The Summer.

A Maxi Dress - Dresses For The Summer

A Maxi Dress – Dresses For The Summer

Don’t let anybody tell you that long dresses are strictly meant for tall women. If you’re missing on these long flowy maxi dresses just because of your height, then it’s really a shame. Floor-length dresses look amazing on everyone. Petite women should choose cut-out or gradient maxi dresses, while plus-sized women should stick to straight-cut gowns with a noticeable waistline.

The simple maxi dress can be one of the most useful pieces in a wardrobe. It looks great, and it’s super comfortable. If you have a whole lot of errands to run and need something that looks pretty but won’t make you feel uncomfortable. From breakfast meetings to movie dates, you’ll fall back on it time and time again.

A Shirt Dress – Simple Dresses.

A Shirt Dress - Simple Dresses

A Shirt Dress – Simple Dresses

Created by Coco Chanel with the ideas behind transforming an ordinary men’s shirt into a sophisticated feminine piece of women’s clothing, the shirt dress is a bold dress that can boost your confidence. It’s casual, easy, and can be worn both as a day outfit or in the evening. The best thing about it is that it can be both the work outfit that you wear to go to your work as well as your weekend look when paired with skinny jeans.

Whether for work or the weekend, you won’t feel overdressed if you wear it to a weekend lunch or underdressed if you wear it to a business meeting. It might not be an over-the-top glamorous look, but it certainly up your outfit game better than your everyday basics that has become a perennial fashion staple.

A Work Dress – Dresses For The Job.

A Work Dress - Dresses For The Job

A Work Dress – Dresses For The Job

Every woman should own a formal dress that they can confidently wear to their work office or their business meetings. It’s a great investment as a polished work dress will make you feel prepared for everything from interviews, impromptu meetings to a big presentation at work.

You should go for something simple and plain rather than something that is heavy in the pattern or too vibrantly. Choose a piece that’s easy to pair up with a jacket and match with your accessories, as well as your footwear of choice. Then, don’t forget to ensure a matching color coordination!

A Cocktail Dress – Party Dresses.

A Cocktail Dress - Party Dresses

A Cocktail Dress – Party Dresses

It’s the weekend, it’s time for your girls’ night out. You want something that is stylish and sexy to hit the club, and the cocktail dress is the perfect choice for that. It can look just as gorgeous as a floor-length evening gown, but minus the fear of tripping over your skirt and embarrassing yourself. This is certainly the more practical choice for a night in the club.

This dress doesn’t limit or block your movements when you dance. You can go out and live your best life while looking like a queen. What more do you need?

If you’ve got all the dresses in the list above on your closet, then good for you. These are the basic dresses that every girl should have at least one in their closet, as they are used on different occasions and they will make you look great on each occasion if picked correctly. Having all of these will make sure that you won’t have to experience the “I really don’t have anything to wear” situation.

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