Famous Celebrity Hairstylists That Worth To Follow (2021 Edition)

famous celebrity hairstylists

In a perfect world, we will all have our hair styled by professional hairstylists that know what they’re doing. But although this isn’t this world, we still can get trendy hairstyles by following the models and celebrities for their newest red carpet looks. Here are some of the most famous celebrity hairstylists that are responsible for many beauty hairstyles under the spotlight of many Hollywood stars. They’re certainly an inspiration for any girl who loves beauty out there, so let’s check them out!

Jen Atkin – Most Influential Famous Celebrity Hairstylists.

Jen Atkin - Most Influential Famous Celebrity Hairstylists

Jen Atkin – Most Influential Famous Celebrity Hairstylists

Voted by The New York Times, Jen Atkin is one of the most famous female hairstylists today. She has been working with famous celebrities such as The Kardashians, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, and Bella Hadid for a while now, and the list goes on and on in her portfolio. Her Instagram account now has over 3.2 million followers, and the number will only continue to grow as she shares with us new inspiration and amazing ideas every post.

You might as well know her from her own line called OUAI, which features hair care as well as beauty supplements. Her website Maneaddicts.com is a digital magazine as well as a great space for people who want to change their style for the better as it features top hairstylists, new products, and instructional how-to’s.

Kristin Ess – Amazing Famous Celebrity Hairstylists.

Kristin Ess - Amazing Famous Celebrity Hairstylists

Kristin Ess – Amazing Famous Celebrity Hairstylists

Kristin Ess is the hand behind amazing hairstyles of some of the most well-known celebrities such as Lauren Conrad, Lucy Hale, and Jenna Dewan Tatum. If you’re a fan of beach waves, you’ve gotta love our Kristin. Her Instagram features the most aesthetically pleasing photos of curls, braids, and highlights.

You can also know Kristin through her own line of cruelty-free hair care products. Her products are actually just as good as they look: beautiful.

Kimberly Kimble – Impressive Famous Celebrity Hairstylists.

Kimberly Kimble - Impressive Famous Celebrity Hairstylists

Kimberly Kimble – Impressive Famous Celebrity Hairstylists

Our queen Kim Kimble is the one who is responsible for many iconic looks of the queen bee Beyonce. She started her career in 1995 and got quite an impressive portfolio that has a long list of partnered celebrities in publications such as Vanity Fair, Essence, and Vogue. Her passion transforms itself into amazing hairstyles that are so stunning and breathtakingly beautiful.

Perhaps one of her most well-known creations is the style she has done for Beyonce on her critically acclaimed project Lemonade. She is now the owner of several salons as well as her line Kim Kimble Beauty.

Ted Gibson – Inspirational Famous Celebrity Hairstylists.

Ted Gibson - Inspirational Famous Celebrity Hairstylists

Ted Gibson – Inspirational Famous Celebrity Hairstylists

Remember TLC’s What Not To Wear, a show where contestants could get a makeover that included a new wardrobe and hairstyle? Well, if you’re a fan of that show or other shows with the same format, then you’re gonna love this guy. Ted Gibson started out his career on the TV, but now he is the hairstylist of famous global celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, and Ashley Greene. He is an amazing hairstylist with an upbeat personality and very talented hands.

His Instagram is full of inspiration. You should definitely check him out if you’re a beauty guru or just on the path of finding and building yourself a better style.

Anh Co Tran – Cool Famous Celebrity Hairstylists.

Anh Co Tran - Cool Famous Celebrity Hairstylists

Anh Co Tran – Cool Famous Celebrity Hairstylists

If you love the hairstyles of super celebrities such as Pink, Anne Hathaway, and Chloe Grace Moretz, you’ve got to thank this guy for it. Anh Co Tran is another amazing hairstylist you should follow, as he is the one behind many beautiful hairstyles that take the spotlight in an event full of famous stars. This hairstylist has a quite impressive portfolio, and the list of celebrities who have been working with him might have amazed you.

His Instagram is a heaven for the fans of the beach wave. Other inspirational posts about hair styling as well as pictures of different hairstyles can also be found here as well. He is definitely worth following, so go and check him out now.

We hope that our list of the famous celebrity hairstylists that you should follow in 2021 has given you new inspiration as well as new ideas to try out on your beauty journey. These amazing people will guarantee to give you more inspiration than you need for your new haircut the next time you visit your local hair salon, and the iconic hairstyles that they shared with us are just simply hard to pass. So while you’re on social media to entertain yourself, might as well get inspired too.

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