Growing Out Bleached Hair – 4 Best Hair Care Tips

The hair bleaching step is required to bring your hair up to the standard light tones. When compared to dying with traditional colors, this step makes your hair weaker and more vulnerable to damage. Many people struggle with knots and difficult-to-grow bleached hair, so growing out bleached hair becomes such an issue. The tips in the following article will help you grow out bleached hair.


Growing Out Bleached Hair

1. Growing out bleached hair – What is hair bleaching?

Hair bleaching is a common procedure for many individuals, particularly young people who love vibrant hair hues. Hair bleaching is a procedure that involves eliminating melanin from the hair using specific chemicals, causing the hair to lose its natural color.

Melanin is the pigment that gives hair, skin, and eyes their color. Hair turns white or gray when it loses its melanin. This is definitely a good situation for those of you who wish to tint your hair platinum or smokey gray, etc. The darker your hair is, the more times you’ll need to bleach it with a stronger bleach that stays on for a long period. It takes longer for the hair to entirely lose its color.

The structure of the hair fiber is damaged during the bleaching process owing to the influence of chemicals on the pulp, middle, and cuticle layers of the hair. Because the hair fiber is no longer protected as it once was, your hair is frequently badly damaged after bleaching, and then the issue of growing out bleached hair starts to matter. This is also the reason why many people choose to use bleached hair extensions to protect their real hair, and then supplying top hair in bulk – the best hair quality for bleaching becomes such a lucrative business.


Growing out bleached hair – What is hair bleaching?

2. Growing out bleached hair – Bad effects of bleaching hair

Bleach can eliminate melanin since it contains a lot of chemicals that will harm your scalp and hair directly. Many people report hair loss, dry hair, split ends, and other problems after bleaching their hair.

2.1. Damage your hair scalp and prevent growing out bleached hair

You may have learnt about the dangers of bleaching your hair before doing so, and you are aware that it can cause your scalp to burn and itch. For many people, however, the harm does not end there; this process “tortures” your hair for hours.

The scalp feels like it’s burning due to the action of hair bleach. It’s accompanied by a slew of symptoms, including dizziness and dizziness just after work. This injury might be caused by your mentality, but the scalp is the part of your body that is most affected. Once the scalp is affected, growing out bleached hair will become harder as well.

Because of the bleaching action, the scalp might become brownish in rare circumstances. This is a rare occurrence that only affects a few people and lasts a short time.


Bleaching hair can damage your hair scalp and prevent growing out bleached hair

2.2. Make hair weaker and prevent growing out bleached hair

Hair loses its natural moisture and becomes dry and frizzy when bleaching chemicals come into touch with it. Why is my hair so frizzy then becomes a frequent wonder! Bleaching alters the hair’s structure, leaving it more vulnerable to harm. If the bleaching procedure is done poorly, the hair cuticle will be broken, resulting in a lot of breakage.

Those who bleach their hair will have weak, dry, brittle hair that is vulnerable to the external environment, particularly the attack of the outside environment, sunshine, and dust. After all, the hair will endure a hard process of growing out bleached hair.


Bleaching hair can make hair weaker and prevent growing out bleached hair

2.3. Cause bad hair situations and prevent growing out bleached hair

Bleaching hair is a difficult operation that needs a great deal of skill from a hairdresser. The technician must carefully assess the state of your hair and have a safe hair dying method before selecting to bleach. Depending on the hair type, it is chosen how to combine the dye, what concentration to use, how long to wait between two bleaching rollers, etc in order to avoid the bleaching process harming the hair.

However, it is impossible to prevent an unskilled hairdresser’s case, in which you may lose a big amount of hair owing to irritation, breakage, and progressive thinning into patches, and the scalp may become inflamed due to infection, acne, and perhaps spread to the entire face. Again, hair extensions become one of the best solutions to such issues! Hence, distributing wholesale hair extensions is blooming in the market.

It can be caused by skin irritation or an incorrect hair dying technique, causing the scalp to feel scorching, red, and painful, as well as itchy. As a result, growing out bleached hair in the future is hard as well.


Bleaching hair can cause bad hair situations and prevent growing out bleached hair

3. Best hair care tips on growing out bleached hair

Hair that has been bleached or dyed often might become frizzy and fragile. So, have you got any home remedies for bleached hair that can encourage how to grow hair faster for women yet? Here are some tips on how to repair damaged hair and make it healthier and smoother.

3.1. Take care of hair properly – Tip on growing out bleached hair

If not properly cared for, using chemicals to bleach your hair will make it weaker and more prone to breaking.The first and most crucial step in stimulating the growing out bleached hair is to take proper care.

3.1.1. Wash hair properly – Tip on growing out bleached hair

This is the first step in caring for bleached hair because it determines the hair’s strength.


Wash hair properly – Tip on growing out bleached hair

You’ll need to follow these guides for growing out bleached hair:

  • Hair is unaffected; nevertheless, hair should only be washed 2-3 days after bleaching. If your hair is sticky, you can rinse it with water and use a conditioner.
  • Brush your hair lightly before shampooing to keep it smooth and tangle-free when washing. Brushing your hair when it’s damp is a no-no since it makes it simpler for it to fall out.
  • Use cool or warm water to wash.
  • Massage the scalp in a spiral motion to assist promote blood circulation under the scalp and strengthen hair.

3.1.2. Choose the right hair care products – Tip on growing out bleached hair

Shampoo is designed to remove debris, but most shampoos include sulfates, which take away the natural oils required for healthy hair. When washing your hair, use a sulfate-free shampoo, apply solely to your scalp, allow the foam flow down the length of your hair naturally, and then rinse with water.


Choose the right hair care products – Tip on growing out bleached hair

When it comes to growing long hair, conditioner is our best friend, especially for growing out bleached hair. Hair color and heat damage the ends of the hair, making it more brittle and prone to breakage, resulting in shorter hair. Conditioner replenishes lipids and proteins within the hair shaft while also sealing the cuticle. Conditioner, in essence, softens as well as protects the hair.

3.2. Limited heat and sunlight – Tip on growing out bleached hair

Allowing the hair to air dry after washing might help keep the natural moisture in the hair. Allowing your hair to air dry is a simple and efficient way to decrease dryness and breakage as well as to stimulate growing out bleached hair.

If you don’t have a lot of time to let your hair air dry, learn how to dry your hair properly. After washing, pat your hair dry with a towel to absorb excess moisture, then let it air dry for 50% of the time. Dry your hair at a moderate temperature, ideally 57 degrees Celsius, with a distance of 15-20cm between the hair and the dryer.


Limited heat and sunlight – Tip on growing out bleached hair

You must also protect your hair from the impacts of heat, such as dryers, the sun, or curls, in order to have strong, silky hair. If you go out, especially in the summer, bleached hair is extremely vulnerable to sun damage, which causes it to become dry and frizzy. As a result, remember to wear a hat to protect your hair and apply specific hair protection products when leaving the house in hot weather.

3.3. Change daily habits – Tip on growing out bleached hair

Three simple habits below will help you with your hair growth a lot. Please read and follow them.

  • Have trims regularly to stimulate growing out bleached hair: The ends of the hair are the most prone to breakage and split ends, especially for bleached hair, therefore you should trim this hair on a regular basis to avoid split ends. To eliminate damaged hair, you should get your haircut every 1-2 months.

Have trims regularly to stimulate growing out bleached hair

  • Drink enough water to stimulate growing out bleached hair: Drinking enough water on a daily basis is a simple and efficient strategy to promote hair development and maintain healthy, thick hair. Because your body is made up of 75% water, dehydration can lead to a dry, itchy scalp and hair loss. Drinking adequate water keeps a certain level of moisture in the scalp and hair, which promotes healthy development.

Drink enough water to stimulate growing out bleached hair

  • Supply vitamins and nutrients to stimulate growing out bleached hair: There is no scientific evidence that a dietary supplement may help hair grow quicker. However, a deficiency in some nutrients might harm your hair. Anemia and hair loss can be caused by an iron shortage; minerals including vitamins B and D, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin B biotin are needed for healthy hair. Consult your doctor to determine whether or not you should take a multivitamin or supplement, as well as how much is appropriate for your body.

Supply vitamins and nutrients to stimulate growing out bleached hair

3.4. Try home remedies for hair growth – Tip on growing out bleached hair

Growing out bleached hair with coconut oil:

Coconut oil contains many good ingredients for hair such as beneficial acids: Linoleic Acid, Lauric Acid, Myristic Acid, etc and vitamins A, E, H to help replenish nutrients and vitamins to nourish hair follicles through the hair roots. and scalp, thereby helping to help hair grow thicker and longer.


Growing out bleached hair with coconut oil

How to do:

  • Pour a small quantity of coconut oil (liquid) into the bowl, just enough for your hair. Dip a cotton swab in coconut oil and apply it in tiny places at the hairline and scalp.
  • Leave for 15 minutes after repeating on the full head of hair. Continue to gently massage the scalp for 10 minutes after dipping coconut oil into the scalp a second time. Cover your hair with a hair cap for 20 minutes.
  • Brush your hair with a wide tooth comb once more. Then, using shampoo and warm water, wash it away.
  • Perform this treatment 2-3 times per week to restore silky smooth hair and

Growing out bleached hair with aloe vera:

Aloe vera is a moisturizing natural component that aids in the restoration of dry and damaged hair while also stimulating hair growth. Aloe vera contains vitamins A, C, B, E, as well as salicylic acid and lignin, which have the nourishing effect of successfully boosting long and thick hair development or growing out bleached hair.


Growing out bleached hair with aloe vera

How to use aloe vera juice to develop long hair:

  • Remove the aloe vera’s outer green skin and wash the next layer of yellow plastic. Crush the aloe vera inner gel, then squeeze out the aloe vera juice with a clean towel.
  • Apply aloe vera juice on a medical cotton pad and dab it near the scalp and hairline. Aloe vera juice should be applied to the whole scalp.
  • To boost the efficiency of boosting long hair development, massage the scalp for approximately 10 minutes, then bathe the scalp and complete hair with aloe vera juice a second time. Cover your hair for another 30 minutes before rinsing it with warm water. Apply 2-3 times each week.

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