How to avoid hair shedding and tangle? 8 tips to prevent

Hair shedding and tangle is a common problem that does not happen only with the low quality hair but also with high-quality hair if the customers don’t know how to use it properly. Many people buy hair from reliable hair vendors but still meet this trouble due to the fact that they don’t know how to treat and use the hair extensions effectively.  In this blog, you will find out the reason for that and the best way to avoid the trouble of hair shedding and tangle.

1. What’s the reason for hair shedding and tangle

Improper hair care is one of the leading reasons for hair shedding and tangle. Let’s find out the details about it!


The problem of hair shedding and tangle

  1. Continuously using beauty chemicals. Beauty needs are very necessary for women, but you should not use chemicals too to change hairstyles and hair is constantly making faulty hair or hair shedding and tangle. Hot drying seriously damages, allowing time for your hair to breathe and absorb nutrients to recover before you can have beautiful hair from the outside.
  2. Shampooing too much, washing your hair every day is taboo so that the hair chemical during shampooing will dry fibers, weaken and easily fall out. Moreover, it also removes exfoliants and natural oils on the scalp to protect badly damaged hair. Gradually, it can lead to hair shedding and tangle.
  3. Brushing the hair incorrectly too many times a day, especially when you have bangs, or the hair that is still drifting or flying from the legs down is very powerful because it will greatly damage the hair. You only need to start 1-2 times a day, so before going to bed, the natural oils on the scalp are down to help hair grow faster and more beautiful.

On the other hand, suppliers are the most important ones. According to the survey carried out in Nigeria, most of the hair which has the problem of hair shedding and tangle comes from bad sources. Hair from China, India can give you such trouble.


hair shedding ang tangle from bad sources


Indian hair shedding and tangle


Chinese hair shedding and tangle

2. Top 8 tips to prevent hair shedding and tangle 

You want to avoid hair shedding and tangle? These steps below are the most useful updated ways to avoid trouble for your hair. Let’s check now!

2.1. Tip 1 to prevent hair shedding and tangle: Choose hair extensions

Why do you need to choose hair extensions to avoid hair shedding and tangle?


Choose hair extensions avoid hair shedding and tangle

On the market today, hair extensions are made from two main materials, synthetic fiber and real hair. The advice for girls who are planning to have hair extensions is to choose hair extensions made from real hair. Although the price is a bit higher, you will own beautiful, natural hair like real hair and an easier way to take care of extensions.

2.2. Tip 2 to prevent hair shedding and tangle: Hair care routine 

You should wash your hair 2-3 times per week and choose the right shampoo and conditioner after each shampoo. After washing your hair, only use a soft, gently absorbent towel to gently wipe it hard to create a cut on your hair that is easily broken, Note only wash your hair with cool water, not too hot or too cold. Then, use a blow dryer in the cold air and blow dry it and do it properly to keep your hair soft and avoid hair shedding and tangle. Pressing the roots regularly helps to remove the ends of hair and stimulate hair growth effectively. Each month you click your legs once, you will see significantly faster hair.


Tip 2 to prevent hair shedding and tangle

2.3. Tip 3 to prevent hair shedding and tangle: Wash your hair properly

Hair extension care is simple but not simple at all, requires meticulous care in every detail. Hair extensions have connections to connect the real hair and the wig, when you wash your hair, be careful not to mess or pull the hair, which will stretch and possibly slip the link. You may need to know about three parts of closure to make sure you wash it properly, too.


Tip 3 to prevent hair shedding and tangle

Before rinsing, make sure that your hair has been brushed smoothly because tangled hair that gets wet will become extremely tangled. Place the shampoo on your palm, lather, and massage evenly and gently massage the hair from top to bottom, avoiding the situation of hair shedding and tangle

Note, wash your hair with your fingertips instead of your nails. Move your hands through the strands of hair extensions to gently massage to clean the scalp and gently squeeze the ends of hair to the seam. When you wash your hair, you should stand under the shower and let it fall naturally down your back because if you wash your hair in a tilted position, the joints are more likely to fall.

2.4. Tip 4 to prevent hair shedding and tangle: Comb your hair

To keep hair extensions always smooth, soft and obediently, combing is also an art. Brush your hair every day with a hair extension comb. Gently brush from bottom to top, do not pull or pull your hair because it stretches the seam easily. And you should remember not to brush your hair when wet if you do not want to lose a lot of hai which is real hair shedding and tangle.



2.5. Tip 5 to prevent hair shedding and tangle: Drying hair

After washing your hair, use a cotton towel to pat dry your hair. It’s best to let your hair dry naturally. Otherwise you can use the dryer, but keep it in cool air mode. The high temperature of the dryer easily damages the splice and causes the extensions to dry out as well as hair shedding and tangle


Tip5 to avoid hair shedding and tangle

2.6. Tip 6 to prevent hair shedding and tangle:  Protect hair extensions when going to sleep

Before going to bed, you should tie your hair loose or push your hair to the side to limit the horizontal rotation to affect the joints. And you can wrap your hair in a thin silk scarf that also keeps your extensions from getting tangled in bed.


Tip 6 to avoid hair shedding and tangle

If you use extensions while you are still sleeping, your hair will easily become weak and break easily due to changes in position during sleep. Therefore, you should carefully preserve your hair and incubate it to avoid hair shedding and tangle.

2.7. Tip 7 to prevent hair shedding and tangle: Use hair care products 

In the hair extensions process, choosing a shampoo and conditioner is very important. You should use products designed for hair extensions, which are sulfate-free and low in detergent, to keep your extensions soft and beautiful. Hair shedding and tangle will be avoided if you follow these steps. Since the extensions are dead hair, they cannot absorb the nutrients from the shampoo or conditioner, so before brushing you should spray the hair extensions to protect the surface of the hair.


Tip 7 to avoid hair shedding and tangle

2.8. Tip 8 to prevent hair shedding and tangle: Take care of hair extensions by strengthening them in time


Tip 8 to avoid hair shedding and tangle

Joint reinforcement is one thing and the ladies must not forget because after 2 to 3 months, the hairline becomes longer so it is easy to reveal the joint. You should go to the salon to reinforce the joint to fix the joint, or after a while, the joints may also be shoved or slipped.

To keep your hair smooth and avoid hair shedding and tangle, you should go to the steaming salon once a week and remember to steam your hair in cold steam or ozone steam.

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