How To Braid Hair – Step-By-Step Guides For Gorgeous Hair Look

Although a large number of people are really into braiding hairstyles all year around with its flexible traits and convenience as much. The question is how to braid hair with yourselves and get the amazing performance for users as much. In our content, we highly recommend how to braid hair, whether your hair is long, medium or short. Whether it is worth it or not to spend time braiding hair with the main purpose is to transform your hair look with the best splendid hair strands. Don’t miss us anyway  for practical knowledge and sharing from hair experts.


How To Braid Hair – Step-By-Step Guides For Gorgeous Hair Look

1. Braid hair – The trendy item for how to braid hair

We always believe that all of us have at least the first time braiding hair and pose the question how to braid hair in a proper and professional manner? You may be wondering how to make your braids seem nice and elegant if you want to start braiding your own hair. Braiding properly is the secret to attractive braids. Taking the effort to comb through strands, apply product, and create clean sections can give you a more aesthetically pleasing look that will stay longer. Here’s how to get started braiding your hair on your own.

The length of braided hair is determined by your desired hair type and style. Your hair should be long enough to part, brush to one side, and clip between your fingers and thumb at the very least.


Braid hair – The trendy item for how to braid hair

You might be wondering if your hair is long enough for how to braid hair if you have short to medium hair. The good news is that the response is most likely YES! In addition, braiding hair is also a damage-free method to get curly hair without using types of curling irons. This is such a savior for weak hair to get gorgeous curly wavy styles!

You can do a little braid or small braid close to your scalp with 2-3 inches of hair. You may obtain a number of designs with 3-5 inches of hair (the equivalent of a long pixie cut or a “medium length” men’s haircut), ranging from waterfall braids to side braids and even the small French braid.

Braids, crown braids, and dramatic braids look best on longer hair. If you don’t have thick, long hair, you can still achieve these fun braided styles by clipping in your favorite extensions before you begin braiding! The point is that please try to find the best hair suppliers to make sure the hair extensions are worth your money. There are so many options of suppliers for you now in the market, so please be alert.

2. How to braid hair with simple styles

One of the simplest braids to do is a three-strand braid. Basic, on the other hand, does not have to be boring! This simple and easy braid may be transformed into a lovely classic style with a few highly recommended stylist tips. Here is how to braid with a three-strand style like a pro:


How to braid hair with simple styles

  • The first step is to brush and prepare. Start with dry hair that has been combed back. This is a fantastic style to utilize in between shampoos because it’s so simple!
  • Step two is to apply the styling glue. Apply evenly to hair from the center of the shaft (ear-level) to the ends with a tiny quantity of Styling Cream in your hands, rubbing your palms together to emulsify the product.
  • Step 3: Make a section in your hair is the next step for how to braid hair. You can do a central braid that runs down the middle of your back, or a side braid by braiding your hair over one shoulder. To keep the portions nice, divide your hair into three equal sections and bind each with an elastic.
  • Step 4: Cut a portion of one of your side panels OVER the center. (Start with the area closest to your face for the side braid.) This area will now serve as the new center. Pull the braid taut with your fingers.
  • Step 5: Take the opposite side’s section and cut it OVER the center. This is your new middle portion, once again. Pull the braid taut with your fingers for the next way for how to braid hair.


How to braid hair with simple styles

  • Step 6: Continue with steps 4 and 5 until your hair reaches the ends. By grasping each component as you work, you may maintain a light tension.
  • Step 7: Use clear elastic to secure the ends. Pull the braid out gently for more volume (if needed), compact any curls, spritz the braid with hairspray, and you’re done!

3. How to braid hair with French styles

In outdoor activities, weddings, parties or formal meetings, the image of French braiding hairstyles becomes highlighted and gets the huge attraction from different tastes. Don’t worry because  we are her for the suggestions of how to braid hair for the best details. The French braids look fantastic. However, doing them on your own can be challenging! When braiding, you will braid more hair from the sides than you would with a standard three-strand braid.


How to braid hair with French styles

The key is to securely braid your hair and add little, even parts. To avoid failure, follow these simple steps of how to French braid your own hair as recommended by experts hair stylists:

  • The first step: Make sure your hair is ready. Make sure your hair is dry and combed before you begin. French braids work great with both freshly washed and second-day hair, but somewhat filthy hair will help you maintain it better. To provide extra hold, emulsify a small amount of Styling Glue in your hands and rub it through your hair.
  • Step two is to comb and trim your hair. Brush your hair straight behind your ears and tilt your head back a little. As though you were pulling your hair back for a half-do, separate the hair on the top of your head, from your temples to the tips of your hair. This portion of hair should be divided into three equal sections.


How to braid hair with French styles

  • Step 3: Begin by curling three times for how to braid hairs. Cut through the center of the right side, then through the new center of the left side. Before you start adding hair to the braid, do this to reinforce it.
  • Step 4: Add the right-hand hair. Grasp each of the three parts of hair in your left hand and pick up a little section of hair with your right hand, making a horizontal line from the right temple to one side of the braid’s end.
  • Step 5: Use your fingers to comb the hair together and tie this new portion of hair to the correct section of hair. Then, to continue braiding, cut across the right part through the middle.
  • Step 6: Fill in the gaps with hair from the left side. Grasp each of the three portions of hair in your right hand, then pick up a little section of hair from the left side of your head with your left hand. Make careful to draw a straight line from the left temple to the bride’s side as a detailed offer of how to braid hair.
  • Step 7: Cross the left part over the right section by inserting this new section of hair into the left section of hair, grouping the sections together.

4. How to braid hair with fashionable Dutch braids styles 

Despite its appearance, Dutch braids are simply French braids! Instead of braiding your hair down the middle, braid it from the bottom up. Dutch braids are sometimes known as inside-out braids or reverse French braids because of this.

Once you’ve mastered the fundamental three-strand braids and French braids, Dutch braids are a terrific technique to learn. To make your own Dutch braid, simply follow these simple steps:


How to braid hair with fashionable Dutch braids styles

  • Step 1: Prepare yourself before doing how to braid hair. To make even hair strands, start with dry hair and comb it through.
  • Step 2: Part your hair and trim it. Make a central part in your hair using a tail comb for two Dutch braids. Hair should be parted on two sides and clipped to one side.
  • Step 3: Using your hands, emulsify a small amount of Style Gel and run it through your strands for easy styling and less slippage throughout the braiding process.
  • Step 4: In front of the hairline, make a little triangular portion of hair. One side of this triangle will be formed by the middle part, and the other will be formed by your hairline. To separate this portion of hair, make the third side of the triangle with your fingers or a tail comb.


How to braid hair with fashionable Dutch braids styles

  • Step 5: Cut the triangle into three pieces of equal size as the suggestions for how to braid hair.
  • Step 6: Begin braiding your hair. Pick up the hair closest to your face and pull it down below the middle portion. This section has now been renamed the “center” part. Then bring the section furthest away from your face below the central part.
  • Step 7: Fill in the gaps in your braid with hair. Add a little section of hair to each part as you continue braiding before putting it below the central section. Remember to add the same amount of hair each time and maintain your parts clean for a well-balanced and neat braid.
  • Step 8: Place your hand in the desired location for your braid. Direct the braided section of hair over and behind your ears as you continue braiding. Consider drawing a diagonal line from your hairline to the back of your head.


How to braid hair with fashionable Dutch braids styles

  • Step 9: Add a three-fold braid to finish for how to braid hair. Braid the rest of your hair into a conventional three-strand braid once you’ve integrated all of the hair from that part. For a consistent aesthetic, continue putting the pieces below the main piece. Use a little elastic to secure the ends.
  • Step 10: Do the same thing on the other side. After completing both Dutch braids, “plait” your hair by pulling in little parts until you achieve the desired form. To manage frizz and shine, finish with a body spray for an attractive hair look!

5. The conclusion about how to braid hair

One of the simplest ways to be creative with your style is to learn how to braid hair on your own. Keep trying even if your braids don’t look well the first time! It’s important to remember that it’s not permanent; you can always remove it and try again. Anyone can learn to braid with practice, patience, quality hair products, and step-by-step video tutorials.


The conclusion about how to braid hair

Once you have mastered the fundamentals, play around with the size, shape, and amount of braids to create your own personal style. Soon, you’ll have a collection of lovely looks that are ideal for busy mornings, relaxing days at home, and special occasions.

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