How To Get White Hair Without Bleach: Easy DIY Methods

Having attractive white hair is now the wish of many girls. However, the damaging process of bleaching and dyeing is such a nightmare, especially for ones who have bleached and dyed their hair so many times or ones with naturally weak hair. Knowing this, we want to share this post to all of you. It will give you the answers to the question how to get white hair without bleach. Thereby, we hope that you can apply it to have both healthy and fancy hair!


How to get white hair without bleach?

I. How to get white hair without bleach: Is it possible or not?

If you are still wondering whether you can get white hair without bleach or not, this part will tell you all in the view of experienced wholesale hair vendors and hair experts!

1.1. Can you get white hair without bleach?

In fact, just by reading the title of this post, you can have the answer for yourself! You definitely can get white hair without bleach! However, there are some notes that you need to pay attention to.

  • Firstly, no hair is naturally white, except for the hair of the elderly or specific patients. Therefore, how to get white hair without bleach, and the white shade is amazing? It will be pretty hard as no one can say which shade is naturally perfect!
  • Secondly, to have such a white tone needs strong bleaching. Therefore, such a gentle method can not bring about a really satisfactory result of final white shade. Here, you need to face a trade-off: damaged but good-looking hair by bleaching or healthy and good-looking hair in its own way without bleaching!


How to get white hair without bleach: Possible or not?

1.2. How to get white hair without bleach: Should or shouldn’t?

Eventually, should you get white hair without bleach? You need to consider the pros and cons very carefully. Without bleach, your hair will be much less damaged, but the result may not be ensured. With bleach, you will severely damage your hair, but the white tone will be clearer. In fact, you can also consider white hair extensions from hair suppliers worldwide as an alternative option!

In addition, though non-bleach methods are much more gentle and safer, they still somehow damage the hair structure to “wash away” the natural melanin. They are not totally harmless. Therefore, you should not apply these methods too much. It is better that you give your hair some periods of time to rest properly.

Then, are there any solutions to the issue of how to get white hair without bleach, and the hair is also totally damage-free? Actually yes! Why don’t you think of using hair extensions? The highly recommended ones are Caucasian sew in extensions! With the typical blond and light brown tones, they are as attractive as white hair. Also, you can bleach and dye the hair extensions white without the fear of damaging your natural hair.


How to get white hair without bleach: Why not try hair extensions!

II. How to get white hair without bleach: Temporary methods

Now comes the most concerning part – the ways to get white hair without bleach! In this item, we will share with you the way to get your hair white immediately and temporarily, which is very suitable for busy days or party days. Let’s read more for details.

2.1. How to get white hair without bleach: Use purple shampoo 

The easiest method to get white hair temporarily is using purple shampoo to wash your hair. However, there is a condition. Your hair has to be blond already. Why? It is because of the purple shampoo’s characteristics that we will clarify now.

Purple shampoo is used just to lighten your hair. Therefore, with a blond hair base, the shampoo can lighten it into a new white shade.The purple factor of the shampoo plays an important role in balancing the yellow shades and “cool down” the tone of your hair. Then, it helps you solve the issue of how to get white hair without bleach! This knowledge is totally based on scientific information, so it is definitely trustworthy. In fact, purple shampoo is also recommended to use for dyed and bleached human hair bulk extensions as well!

Then, how to wash your hair using purple shampoo? It is actually the same as how you wash your hair normally!


How to get white hair without bleach: Use purple shampoo

2.2. How to get white hair without bleach: Use cold spray

Another way to get white hair is to spray it with white color, usually a specific kind of white hair dye. This method is quick, and it can also give you a totally white shade as desired. However, the spray is such chemicals that are not good for your hair, and the washing afterwards is quite demanding. Therefore, this method of how to get white hair without bleach is not highly recommended. You’d better choose it as your last choice only.

Then, how to apply this method? You just need to simply spray the color on your hair. Just make sure that the distance is enough and your body and clothes are covered with a protective apron.


How to get white hair without bleach: Use hair spray

III. How to get white hair without bleach: Replace hair bleach with safer natural substitutes 

Besides temporary methods, there are also other methods whose results can last longer. However, the process is more time-consuming. They are the methods that require you to “bleach your hair” without hair bleach beforehand, and then you can dye your hair white as normal (or not). This will protect your hair from being seriously damaged. Then, the bleaching process is special, as you will use natural substitutes instead of normal hair bleach. Below are top 3 natural ingredients that you can use. To those who already have good blond base, you can skip these methods and dye your hair directly.


How to get white hair without bleach: Use natural substitutes

3.1. How to get white hair without bleach: Lighten your hair base with lemon

The first substitute to hair bleach you can use is lemon. This is what almost all households have! The process is simple as well. Lemon is chosen, as the coloring matter in lemons is quite considerable. Lemonade can make your hair lightened, but you may have to repeat the process many times to reach the best color shades that you want.


How to get white hair without bleach: Use lemon

To lighten your hair with lemons, which is how to get white hair without bleach, you need to do some simple steps:

  • Prepare: All you need is 3-5 lemons, dry conditioner, cotton and a spray bottle.
  • Apply lemonade:
    • Mix the lemonade with dry conditioner, and then spray the liquid on your hair.
    • Use the cotton to apply more dyeing (bleaching) liquid on each hair section.
    • Let the hair sunbathe for about 1-2 hours. Don’t forget to protect your skin with sunscreen.
  • Rinse and repeat the process: 
    • Rinse your hair with water.
    • Apply conditioner to take care of the hair.
    • Blow dry the hair.
    • Repeat the bleaching process in 3-4 successive days.


How to get white hair without bleach: Use lemon

3.2. How to get white hair without bleach: Lighten your hair base with tea

Another choice instead of lemon is tea. The process is similar to that when you use lemon. You will have to spray cool tea on your hair. Then, you wash your hair with the tea as shampoo again. You can add the conditioner applying step, so that the hair will be softer. After that, letting the hair sunbathe under the sunlight can let the effect come more quickly. That’s how to get white hair without bleach by using tea! Besides, you can also simply spray the tea on your hair then let it sunbathe.

The tea that is highly recommended to choose is chamomile tea. Chamomile will help push the effect of lightening hair much better. If you don’t have chamomile available, you can also use normal tea with honey or even lemons.


How to get white hair without bleach: Use tea

3.3. How to get white hair without bleach: Lighten your hair base with olive oil

The last substitute to hair bleach in this list is olive oil. The difference of this choice towards other choices above is that the oil itself can also help soften the hair right in the process of bleaching. To use olive oil to lighten the hair, you just need to apply the oil directly on your hair for at least 30 minutes. It is the time for the oil to be well osmotic. After that, you just need to wash the hair to clean the oil on your hair. That’s pretty much what you need to do!


How to get white hair without bleach: Use olive oil

IV. How to get white hair without bleach: Ways to maintain your fruit

How to get the hair white bleach is quite simple, but the ways to maintain your fruit is quite demanding! Of course, for temporary methods like using purple shampoo or using cold spray, you agree that the effect needn’t stay long, then you don’t need to maintain the color. Meanwhile, for other methods, you’d better have a proper hair care routine to keep the white color well and also keep the hair healthy. Below will be our sharing about the suggested methods to keep the color and the hair softness.

4.1. How to get white hair without bleach: How to keep the color

The first thing to mention is the way to maintain the hair color. The most important thing to remember is that please wash your hair with purple shampoo. As mentioned, the purple shampoo will help balance the yellow shades and make your hair lighter. As a result, the white color will be kept longer, and it is also applicable on hair extensions from hair in bulk distributors, too. In addition, you also shouldn’t wash your hair too often. Although washing the hair is good to get rid of dust or redundant oil, it will become bad if you wash the hair too much. The shampoo may wash away all your effort!


How to get white hair without bleach: Maintain the color

4.2. How to get white hair without bleach: How to keep the hair soft

To have soft and smooth hair is quite difficult, especially when your hair is bleached with such factors, though they are not chemicals like normal hair bleach. The only way to make the hair smooth is to provide it with proper hair care products. What your hair needs the most will be hair conditioner. In addition, you can add hair masks, hair serums or hair oils to let it grow healthily!


How to get white hair without bleach: Soften the hair

Above are our today’s sharings about hair styling. Do follow to catch up with our daily sharing on our website. Should you have any questions about hair in bulk, also don’t hesitate to contact us!

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