How To Make Curls Last Longer – 10 Pro Tips For Shiny Curly Hair

In this writing, we are going to share about how to make curls in a professional and safe way, along with how to make curls last longer. It’s not easy, though, to preserve the volume and curls that you see in the salon. Their performance definitely can work well if you apply these tips on a frequent basis, particularly to save time and budget.


How To Make Curls Last Longer – Pro Tips For Shiny Curly Hair

1. How to make curls last longer – Best methods to make curls

Instead of basing on the support of hair stylists in the salon, we want to refer to DIY applications for how to make curls before getting into our main theme: how to make curls last longer. We definitely believe that many people nowadays are often prone to safe and simple ways for their curly hair, yet maintain their performance. Let’s check out carefully for not miss practical information for your stunning beauty:

1.1 How to make curls with dryer and bristle round brush

On significant occasions, long straight hair with just a small curl at the end will also make you stand out more than ever. In this part, we – K-Hair company will show you how to curl your hair gently at the ends with a blow dryer and a round brush, both of which are readily available. After that, you can consider more about how to make curls last longer to keep this amazing hairstyle.

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How to make curls last longer – Make curls with dryer and bristle round brush

  • Step 1: Wet your hair with a spray bottle. Spray some water on your hair to moisten it. It will be easier to manage your hair if you moisten it.
  • Step 2: To keep the hair in place, apply a little styling gel to the ends.
  • Step 3: Divide your hair into little curls with hairpins. Curl each strand of hair separately. Curl your hair 1 circle or more with a round comb, depending on your hair length. Then, blow on the area where the hair is curled with a dryer, move the round brush up and down about three times, and the hair will be in place. Repeat with the remaining curls one at a time.

So  you just take 5 minutes to have a completely new hairstyle with stunning curls and a gorgeous look. Sometimes, using this method makes people concerned about how to make curls last longer.

1.2 How to make curls with hair rollers 

Another way for newbies to create curls for hair is to use hair rollers with different modes and types, which is an effective heatless curls method. This is the simplest method for creating curly hair at home. You can either base it on the help of someone to do it for you or do it yourself. More importantly, this approach is completely safe, does not cause hair to dry out, and has no effect on hair development. Plus, the price of this tool is actually inexpensive and you can utilize it for so many times. You will also have less to do with how to make curls last longer.


How to make curl last longer – Make curls with hair rollers

  • Step 1: Brush your hair smoothly so that it is not snarled once the roller is finished.
  • Step 2: Next, separate the hair into small curls, roll it in, and secure it. Allow it to sleep or work for a bit before removing it. This is the most effective method for curling your hair.

A pro tip: For ease and lightness, don’t forget to pick up a soft roller material with the appropriate size for your hair.

1.3  How to make curls with style machines

Using the support of machines for curls both includes pros and cons. The outstanding advantage is to follow a high-speed application and get constant performance. Besides, the frequency of using this tool needs to be considered because of the heat exposure level which may have a negative impact on hair strands for an extended period of time. It is better to use a style machine with a proper frequency, namely for special occasions like weddings, parties, picnics or something like that, and you don’t need to think about how to make curls last longer. Follow our step by step instructions for more information:

  • Step 1: To wet your hair, spray it with a little water. The hair is then protected with a bit of additional hairspray. It’s important to remember that spraying conditioner on dry hair won’t give you the best results.

How to make curls last longer – Make curls with style machines

  • Step 2: Divide your hair into small sections, then use an iron to straighten about 2/3 of your hair, in the remaining 1/3 of your hair, curl your hair inward. Do the same until all the hair is curled. You can also create waves for short hair by dividing the lower 2/3 of the hair into about 4 sections, using the straightener to curl the hair outwards – curl hair inwards – bend hair outwards – curl hair inwards . With long hair, you will have to repeat more. Or curl your hair through the machine to do it faster.

With this choice, to minimize the effect of heat, users should make full use of hair serum or hair spray during application as a way to protect hair structure. The common question is how to make curls last longer, the answer is in the next section of our blog!

1.4 How to make curls with braiding 

Talking about the ways of curling hair, we can’t ignore braiding. This hairstyle is no longer strange to each of us with hassle-free applications to make. With us to figure out how to create curly with this simple method:

  • Step 1: To begin, smooth your hair and divide it into two or four equal sections, depending on the thickness of your hair and if you want huge or small waves. To enhance the beauty of the curls, apply while the hair is still slightly moist.

How to make curls last longer – Make curls with braiding

  • Step 2: Braid your hair in three curls until it reaches the end, then secure it with an elastic band. You can either wait a few hours or go to bed and remove the braids the next morning.
  • Step 3: Release the elastic band and carefully remove the curls, stroking the hair with your fingers to make the curls more natural. You can completely squeeze the hair to the top of the head to make curls linger longer.

After all, if you are into instant curly hairstyles, you can consider a variety of curly hair extension styles on the website of wholesale hair vendors suppliers. In addition, you can go to the hair stores, hair salons, etc to choose the hairstyles you like.

2. How to make curls last longer

It is high time to answer the concerns of customers about how to make curls last longer. Don’t worry so much because we are here to give you useful piece of advices:

2.1 How to make curls last longer – Avoid washing after curling hair

According to the advice of hair stylists, do not wash your hair for at least 3 days after curling, which is enough to shape the curls for hair. The reason is this stage is a vital time for the medicine or tools to enter deeply into your hair and begin working, as well as making your hair curl longer. If you wash your hair too soon, they will not be able to penetrate deep into the hair, the hair texture will rapidly straighten when it comes into contact with water, the curls will not be as durable, and the hair will be easily damaged, rather than curly and bouncy as you desire.


How to make curls last longer – Avoid washing after curling hair

As a result, for the first three days after curling, avoid letting your hair come into touch with water. For how to make curls last longer, this is a paramount note for anyone who is wearing curly hair and wishes for a gorgeous hair look all the time.

2.2 How to make curls last longer – Not use comb when hair is wet 

The next important thing to remember in order to keep your curls long, bouncy, and beautiful is to never comb your hair while it is still wet. Comb wet hair not only causes hair loss, but it can also cause your curly hair to quickly straighten, lose its curls, and become frizzy and tangled. To make your curly hair more effective, gently twist it with your hands while it’s still damp till it is dry; this will ensure more care and retain your curly hair for longer.


How to make curls last longer – Not use comb when hair is wet

We highly recommend using specialized design comb for how to make curls last longer, namely bristle comb hair – which is a potential way to restyle and detangle curls, wide tooth comb or sort of like that. Users can purchase these comb on e-commercial platforms with a wide range of comb varying modes or styles as well.

2.3 How to make curls last longer – Use proper shampoo

The next factor that users need to bear in mind is to pick up proper hair care products on a daily hair care routine. In reality, producing curly hairstyles leads to hair loss and breaking. Hair might become weaker, dryer, and more fibrous if dyed or curled on a regular basis. Adding a lot of moisturizers to assist balance the hair’s natural moisture by using the correct shampoo products is a simple approach to maintain curly hair looking good all the time and answer the question how to make curls last longer. The normal time for cleaning hair is about two to three times a week.


How to make curls last longer – Use proper shampoo

Consider how your hair, like your skin, requires moisturizer and sunscreen on a daily basis. So, if you use a lot of conditioner or steam your hair on a regular basis, you will have smoother curly hair. At least once a month, steaming is administered.

2.4 How to make curls last longer – Use hair gel

A strong suggestion for how to make curls last longer is to use hair gel on a frequent basis. You can’t merely wash and dry your hair to keep it in place for a long time. Curly hair gel and anti-frizz essential oil are two must-have products for flawless hair. You can also use thickening mousse on special occasions to achieve bouncy and thick curly hair.


How to make curls last longer – Use hair gel

If your hair is suffering from additional issues, you can seek expert assistance to help you choose the best products for your hair and avoid unexpected hair problems. One more thing, if you have any related allergic problems, don’t forget to read out carefully the ingredients printed on the products for more information.

2.5 How to make curls last longer – Equip with styling items 

Permed hair style products that we want to refer to include gels, waxes, and soft creams. To get the finest outcomes, you must understand how to use these goods firstly:

  • Gel is used to create a firm style, particularly with short hair, and little curls to keep hair from becoming frizzy. Gel has the advantage of forming a link with the hair and keeping the curls in place. However, applying gel has the drawback of making hair brittle and dry. You should not wear a helmet after using the gel because the hat will ruin the hairstyle you just produced.

How to make curls last longer – Equip with styling items

  • Soft cream is frequently used to produce a natural look for long, curly hair. It’s also important to remember to use style products at all times. If you have a cold curl, you must style it while it is still damp (approximately 70-80% moisture) in order for it to function. If you are hot curling your hair, do it when it is still wet, and if you are not, do so when it is dry.
  • Wax is popularly used for short hair, especially men’s hairstyles. Hard wax does not produce plasticity-inducing hair. After waxing, you can still wear your helmet because even if it destroys your hairstyle, you can reconstruct it by running your fingers through it.

Thanks to their convenience, they are deemed as effective for how to make curls last longer for users after several uses.

2.6 How to make curls last longer – Dry hair naturally 

The last offer in our list for how to make curls last longer is to maintain your hair dry in a natural manner. Rather than utilizing the heat of a dryer to dry your hair, you should allow it to air dry. Because the heat from a dryer will cause your hair to straighten rapidly and get in the way. And one thing is certain: if you use a hair dryer frequently, your hair form will swiftly deteriorate. As a result, using a dryer is not a good idea.


How to make curls last longer – Dry hair naturally

In conclusion, one of the most prevalent questions from our customers is how to make curls last longer. We have to admit that curly hair has gained popularity at any age for such a long time and doesn’t show the ending point. This hairstyle tends to catch the huge public thanks to its gorgeousness and flexibility, compared to other hairstyles. You can learn how to wear hair clips or claw clips or so on to even shine more with this hairstyle. That may be the reason why it is difficult for this hair to go out of fashion.

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