How To Make Synthetic Hair Soft: Top Best Tips Revealed

Synthetic hair extensions and wigs are now very popular thanks to their convenience, diverse and reasonable prices. However, the hair is usually not qualified, and users have to deal with a lot of hair problems like tangling, shedding or unsmoothing, etc. Among all, dry and unsmooth hair may be the most frequent issue. “How to make synthetic hair soft” is always in the top searches about synthetic hair. Therefore, in today’s article, we will give you the best tips ever to soften synthetic hair!


How to make synthetic hair soft?

I. How to make synthetic hair soft: Why do we need to soften synthetic hair?

In fact, all kinds of hair extensions even those from well-known hair factory need proper hair care to keep them smooth and soft. Even if it is a high quality human hair extension or a synthetic one, it will eventually become so degraded without your care. The analysis below will give you more details about the importance of taking care of synthetic hair.

1.1. Characteristics of synthetic hair

Synthetic hair is actually made of synthetic fibers. The fibers are processed under many stages to form the shape of human hair, but the hair nature is totally different. While human hair is covered with cuticles which help provide the nutrients to let the hair stay healthy, synthetic hair is simply chemical fibers without any living cells. Then, how to make synthetic hair soft, or exactly how to make it look soft and natural, is the concern of all producers.


How to make synthetic hair soft: Synthetic fibers

As mentioned, synthetic hair is processed in the factories; therefore, it has to deal with a great number of chemicals. The effect is that the hair is usually so dry. Then, to cover the dry nature of the hair and make it look more attractive, adding the short-term smoothing effect is what factories choose. As a result, we will see that the hair is pretty smooth and maybe soft at first. However, after a short time, it will become extremely dry. This is also the reason why top best hair suppliers rarely distribute this hair type.

After all, how to make synthetic hair soft is what all users ought to find out in order not to wear such a dry and unsmooth hair extension after a short time. To understand more, besides the hair characteristics, we’ll now discover more about the factors that badly affect the hair and the impacts of hair care lack.


How to make synthetic hair sofr: Easily damaged hair

1.2. How to make synthetic hair soft: What makes the hair degrade

There are many factors that make synthetic hair become so degraded. The first one must be the amount of chemical added to the hair during the production. In addition, the outside factors during your use can be the reason. Dust, wind and sunlight can have seriously negative impacts on your hair. They can dirt the hair, weaken the hair, tangle the hair and finally make it so dry. Besides, some of the bad habits can also damage the hair. Knowing this will help you know how to protect your hair extensions better.

1.3. How to make synthetic hair soft: What if we don’t soften the hair regularly

Then, what if we don’t take care of or try to soften the hair? You will have an attractive hair extension for the first few days. After that, you’ll have to deal with such a dry, tangle and unsmooth texture when the added short-term smoothing effect runs out. Without proper care, the hair will quickly become unusable, so you’ll waste your money on the hair, no matter how cheap it is!


How to amke synthetic hair soft: Lack of hair care

II. How to make synthetic hair soft: Temporary solutions

After understanding all the hair characteristics, all the affecting factors and the consequence of not taking care of the hair, now we’ll discover the ways to soften synthetic hair! We’ll first start with temporary solutions that make the hair immediately softer.

2.1. How to make synthetic hair soft: Steps to soften the hair

To make the hair soft immediately, washing the hair is a must. It will get rid of all the dust and make the hair smoother. In fact, it is not simply an action of washing the hair with water, but you’d better bath the hair, provide it with conditioner and also carefully dry it. Below are the concrete steps to do so.

Step 1: Wash the hair. This is an important step in how to make synthetic hair soft. What to notice when washing the hair is don’t forget to use cold water and suitable shampoo for synthetic hair. If you wash the hair with warm or hot water, it will even damage the hair more. And if you use the normal shampoo for human hair, the effect on synthetic hair can be very little.


How to make synthetic hair soft: Wash the hair

Step 2: Bath the hair. After washing hair to get rid of all dust, now you’d better soak the hair into a softening liquid to really soften it. The liquid should include cold water and fabric softener. Depending on each type of softener you use, the recommended ratio of water-softener and time of bathing is different. You’d better read the instructions on the package for details.


How to make synthetic hair soft: Soak the hair

Step 3: Dry the hair. Drying properly is also important in how to make synthetic hair soft. If you dry it under a high temperature, all the efforts above will be useless. The heat will make the hair immediately become dry and all softener will go away! You’d better gently dry it with a mild wind.

Step 4: Add conditioner if necessary. After finishing all the steps above, you can also spray specific conditioner on the hair in order to keep it soft and moisturized.


How to make synthetic hair soft: Let dry & moisturize the hair

2.2. How to make synthetic hair soft: Products needed to soften the hair

The use of proper hair care products is also essential in softening the hair. You need to always remember that the hair is made from synthetic fibers. Therefore:

  • Human hair care products are hardly effective. Knowing this, don’t use your normal hair serums, hair masks or hair conditioners on your synthetic hair extensions. This kind of hair does not include the living cells to absorb the nutrients. Therefore, it is very wasteful to use and certainly not a good way of how to make synthetic hair soft.
  • Synthetic hair care products are usually strong chemicals. Most of them are chemicals used for synthetic fibers such as fiber softeners, fiber washers, etc. Therefore, they are not as gentle as products for human hair, and you’d better not let your hand directly touch the chemicals.

How to make synthetic hair soft: Hair care products

III. How to make synthetic hair soft: Build a habit to take care of the hair

In addition to applying a temporary method, building good habits when using synthetic hair is effective in keeping it soft, smooth and sleek. To do so, you need to get rid of bad habits (if any) and take up more useful habits. Below are the lists of DO and DON’T that you can consult.

3.1. How to make synthetic hair soft: DO

To keep the hair soft, you can consider these good habits:

  • Comb the hair gently. You may think that combing has no impact on the hair’s softness, right! However, combing in fact prevents the hair from tangling. As a result, the hair texture is smoother, and it will look softer.
  • Wash the hair properly. You should have a habit of washing the hair with cold water, so that the hair texture won’t be damaged.
  • Dry the hair with a mild wind. As mentioned, when you dry synthetic hair under extreme heat, it will be damaged and dry. What’s more, the synthetic fibers may be burned under a high temperature. Then, your effort on how to make synthetic hair soft will be ineffective.
  • Take good care of your hair outdoors. When you have to wear the hair to go out, make sure that you always remember to keep the hair well protected from outside factors like heat, wind, rain or so on. You should also do more damage-free styles like French braid, flexi rods, etc instead of damaging ones.

How to make synthetic hair soft: Good habits?

3.2. How to make synthetic hair soft: DON’T

Besides building good habits, getting rid of bad habits is also necessary to keep the hair soft. Below are significant damaging habits that many hair users may not pay much attention to:

  • Comb the hair roughly. Although the hair is not on your scalp, and it can’t hurt you if you brush synthetic hair too strongly, you shouldn’t do so. If you keep brushing the hair too roughly, it can cause shedding and hair degradation.
  • Wash the hair too regularly. Although washing the hair is important, washing the hair too often can be harmful. It may wash away all the chemicals added in the hair production, so the hair will literally become the raw dry fibers.
  • Dry the hair with high heat. As mentioned, this will make the hair texture damaged.
  • Expose the hair to wind, rain, sun, etc. This will push the process of hair degradation.
  • Style the hair too often. If you style synthetic hair too much like dyeing, curling or straightening, etc, the hair texture will be seriously damaged. You will not have a soft hair extension at all.

How to make synthetic hair soft: Bad habits?

IV. How to make synthetic hair soft: Why not try human hair?

Besides trying to soften synthetic hair, why not try human hair extensions from wholesale hair vendors and hair sellers; the hair is already soft and requires more simple hair care? Below we will analyze the advantages of human hair extensions and wigs, so that you can add more options to have a soft hair extension.

  • Human hair extensions are made of human natural hair. This is the biggest point that ensures a natural soft texture for the hair. You can style the hair more easily, and the hair is less likely to seriously get damaged. Also, hair care is easier. You won’t have to worry about how to make synthetic hair soft anymore.
  • You can continue to use your normal hair care products. As the hair extension is made of human hair, you can keep using some kinds of shampoos, hair serums and hair conditioners on it. This is so economical! Therefore, considering contacting human hair in bulk distributors for hair extensions is always a good idea.

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