How to use purple hair dye for dark hair without bleaching


purple hair dye for dark hair without bleaching

A fashion trend that seems to be popular for teenagers nowadays is purple hair. You are having black hair but how can you get a full head of majestic purple with no bleach required?  This article will help you know the score of dyeing dark hair purple without bleaching.

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1.What does “purple hair dye for dark hair without bleaching” mean?


purple hair dye for dark hair without bleaching

Here we provide you the most basic information about Purple hair dye for dark hair without bleaching: its definition and features

1.1 Definition of purple hair dye for dark hair without bleaching

  • Hair bleaching: is the chemical process of clearing color away from your hair strands.  At the first stage in the bleaching process, hair cuticles open up under the effect of an alkaline agent. Following this, the oxidative agent can easily penetrate the hair shafts to dissolve the natural tint by a chemical reaction, which helps lighten the hair color up to  8 tones.
  • Hair Dye: is a chemical product and the purpose that people use hair dye is to change their hair color. The color change can happen permanently.

In the old days, people thought that they had to bleach their dark hair to dye a light hue like purple. However, in the present day, that step is considered redundant and time-consuming because there are scores of purple hair dye for dark hair that don’t need bleaching. Beside, dying together with some simple steps of styling a curtain bang can bring an amazing result!

1.2 Features of purple hair dye for dark hair without bleaching

   1.2.1 The advantages and disadvantages of using purple hair dye for dark hair without bleaching

Advantages Disadvantages
  • It’s Time-saving
  • It’s Cost-saving
  • It protects the hair from damage
  • It doesn’t apply to all hues
  • The color may not last longer due to no bleach

              1.2.3 How to choose a good purple hair dye for your dark hair without bleaching?


skin undertone


  When you reach a decision on dyeing your current hair, there are several things that should be taken into consideration. First and foremost, determine what your skin tone is: fair, light, medium, dark or deep. In simple terms, you have to identify whether your skin undertone is cool or warm.

Next, choose the best shade to neutralize your undertone. Usually, a cool undertone is advisable for cool purple, and reversely, a warm undertone can be applicable to warm purple. Finally, of all the suitable shades of purple, just pick your favorite one to complete your own masterpiece.

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2.What are the best choices for purple hair dye for dark hair without bleaching

2.1 No1 purple hair dye for dark hair without bleaching: Arctic Fox Vegan Semi-permanent Hair Dye 


Arctic Fox Vegan Semi-permanent Hair Dye

This brand is cruelty-free and vegan, which means it has never been tested on animals and doesn’t consist of any animal-derived ingredients. It is an example of semi-permanent hair dye with extra conditioning, no peroxide, no ammonia, no alcohol, no harsh chemicals that damage the hair. In addition, not only does this dyes have a comforting smell, but it also makes the hair color vibrant and intense.

2.2 No2 purple hair dye for dark hair without bleaching: Manic Panic – Purple Haze Hair Color


Manic Panic – Purple Haze Hair Color

This product tends to have more of a warm undertone. It belongs to the semi-permanent type as well. The further you get away from your ordinary color, the harder it is going to preserve that color. Although it fades faster than Arctic Fox Hair Dye, it’s pretty safe and doesn’t have much harm on the hair because it doesn’t penetrate the hair’s cortex but simply stays on the shaft.

2.3  No3 purple hair dye for dark hair without bleaching: Special effects SFX Hair Color Hair Dye


Special Effects SFX Hair Color Hair Dye

Last but not least, Special effects SFX Hair Color Hair Dye is highly recommended for those who are looking for a bright and vivid purple. It is also a semi-permanent tub. It generally lasts 3 to 6 weeks on most groups of hair.

3.Seven steps to use purple hair dye for dark hair without bleaching


Seven steps to dye hair purple without bleaching

If you still don’t know how to dye your dark hair without bleach, just follow these below steps:

Seven steps to dye hair purple without bleaching

3.1 Step 1: Prepare your hair before dying 

Moisture plays a crucial role in keeping your hair hydrated, healthy and strong. According to experts, even when the product asserts that it could prevent any harm or damage to your hair, you still should deep condition hair a couple of days before letting chemicals touch it to restore its moisture and minimize the damage.

3.2 Step 2: Section your hair

Separate your hair into some sections for better-controlled purposes. Generally, the scalp is divided into 7 sections: top, right side, left side, right crown, left crown, right nape and left nape. Anyways, it depends on the number of hairs you have. The more sections, the better the strands are coated.

3.3 Step 3: Do a strand test

For those who switch to a new color for the first time, it can sometimes be a daunting experience. A strand test is a great way to show the results with the new color on a small section of hair before doing the full application. More importantly, it is considered as an allergy test as well so make sure that you don’t have an allergic reaction to any ingredient of the product.

3.4 Step 4: Mix the product

Use a glass or plastic bowl in which you can pour everything with a specific ratio that is recommended in the instructions part on the package. Grab your brush and mix them together until it is totally smooth.

3.5 Step 5: Apply the mix to the whole head

Put the plastic gloves on, then slowly comb or brush your hair through and make sure that every single hair strand is applied. You will not expect to see your hands stained till it dries out, right?

3.6 Step 6: Set the time

What you should do next is to wrap your head with a shower cap. The developer reacts to heat, that’s why if you don’t cover it, the hair will soon cool down. It not only pauses the dyeing process, but it also causes it to take up colour unevenly. It is suggested to leave the dye in your hair for between 30 and 40 minutes.

3.7 Step 7: Wash the product off

Dye pigments are likely to escape through the open pores. Therefore, to wash the dye and still trap the dye pigments in your hair cuticle, you had better rinse it with cool water then finish washing with the cold water. The right water temperature is really essential that decides whether all of the dye pigments you had put on are still kept or half of them will be lost.

3.8 Step 8: Dry the hair

It is best to let your hair dry naturally. Besides, you should temporarily refrain from using heated tools. In the case you have to style it, just apply a heat protectant.

4.Three tips to maintain color after using purple hair dye for dark hair without bleaching

If you want to maintain the color after dyeing hair purple, here are some hair tracks that you should know:

4.1 Wash your hair once a week


wash hair once a week

Shampoos, especially with the terms “clarify” or “detox”, will actually strip away not only your hair color but also natural oils and defenses. It seems nonsense but washing your hair less frequently will help your hair look better and healthier. Dry shampoos will help you increase the time between washing your hair. In case you also care about how to wash your wig properly, here is the best instruction: How to wash hair wigs.

4.2 Pick suitable shampoo and conditioner for your purple hair


Pick suitable shampoo and conditioner

Picking a shampoo brand is like picking a face mask, you have to consider whether it is suitable for your hair type, especially after you dye your hair. Avoid any products including sulfates because they can really take moisture and make your hair weaker.

4.3 Apply moisturizers frequently to reserve your purple hair


Apply moisturizers more frequently

Your body can naturally moisturize your hair itself but sometimes this moisturizing system is not effective enough. It is best to apply moisturizer to your hairtail, and wet hair only because it will allow your hair to absorb the product.

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