Most 5 popular Nigerian hair extension styles

Nigerian hair extension styles have become a very popular beauty method and are loved by ladies in recent years. Being the “savior” for short hair that has been broken, or simply helping her to add a feminine, feminine aspect to her soft hair stream. Hair extension is a fairly sophisticated beauty technology to bring thick, long, fluffy hair to the satisfaction of many girls’ long-time desires. Speaking of Nigerian hair extension styles, everyone has probably heard of it, but not everyone knows what hair extensions there are. This editorial will keep you updated with all the best popular Nigerian hair extension styles and the best useful advice from hair experts. You can also read about hair extensions for short hair here.

1. Top 1 most popular Nigerian hair extension styles: Straight hair

Straight hair is among the most popular Nigerian hair extension styles

1.1. Silky straight hair for Nigerian hair extension styles

What do you think about saying goodbye to wavy waves and thinking about long, smooth hair? Excessive summer styling often makes your hair more frizzy and frizzy. Smooth Nigerian hair extension styles of straight hair will make your hair healthier and still won’t lose your lovely beauty. A simple and easy hairstyle, right? In addition, you can also gently curl the ends of the hair to increase the highlight of your hair.


1.2. Medium bob hair for Nigerian hair extension styles

Almost similar to short Nigerian hair extension styles, bob hairstyles of medium length from a top wholesale hair distributor will give you a youthful and dynamic look while walking down the street. This hairstyle can suit any face style. With the hairline slightly folded down at the position of the collarbone, will create an accent on your face.

2. Top 2 most popular Nigerian hair extension styles: Curly short hair

Short curly hair is the top 2 most popular Nigerian hair extension styles

2.1. Curly hair for Nigerian hair extension styles


Are you immersed in the seductive beauty of short curly curls? With a deviated, curly hairstyle will bring you a luxurious beauty. One plus point for this hairstyle is that it is capable of matching different structures of the other face. It can be said that simple natural Nigerian hair extension styles with short hairstyles like curly hair will never go out of style.

2.2. Natural wave curl for Nigerian hair extension styles

Did you know that natural curly hair from the best hair warehouse is one of the hairstyles that have captured the hearts of young people today. With natural curls, it doesn’t take much effort to keep your hair curled or curl in a fixed direction. Regardless of whether you have light or dark skin color, Nigerian hair extension styles will highlight your facial features and help you shine in every frame. During the summer, natural curly hair is a perfect choice for girls who love bobbing waves.

2.3. Hair slightly curly hair to bang for Nigerian hair extension styles

The curly curls hugging the face to help conceal the blemishes on the face will definitely be the choice that makes girls fall in love. One of the bangs you can consider when paired with Nigerian hair extension styles is the length of the bangs that lie just above the eyebrows. This is the ideal length and length for bangs that make it easy to style. Combining curls with medium shortness, you look completely youthful and dynamic with this hairstyle. It is also an attractive summer hairstyle!


3. Pixie short hair for Nigerian hair extension styles

Pixie short hair is a dynamic hairstyle with a short cut at the back of the nape and the hair on the sides usually longer than the top. As Nigerian hair extension styles suitable for all ages and styles, pixie hairstyles bring you beauty in shape and flexibility. Try to find out about the outstanding hair styles of pixie hair.

3.1. Classic pixie hair for Nigerian hair extension styles

As one of the hairstyles chosen by individual girls, classic pixie hair brings a dynamic and healthy beauty. Nigerian hair extension styles reflect the girls’ personalities as well as their disrespect. In the summer, the weather is often hot, so short pixie hairstyles will be the optimal choice for girls with personality. You can completely combine with deep red lipstick to exude your seductive beauty.

3.2. Pixie hairstyles with deviated bangs for Nigerian hair extension styles 

Pixie short hair not only has the ability to bring out a dynamic youthful beauty, but also helps girls exude a luxurious and noble beauty. Pixie Nigerian hair extension styles have a reasonable shortness that bring you a sense of comfort this summer. The combination with the skewed roof helps the girls become softer and more noble. You can combine them with accessories such as hairpin or earrings to enhance your elegance.

3.3. Stylish pixie hair for women over 60 years old 

What do you think about pixie short hairstyles? Not only does it create a variety of transformations for young girls, but also suitable for all ages. Thanks to the rich texture of the hair, short Nigerian hair extension styles give middle-aged women a classy beauty, matching the sophistication of their age. You absolutely can try the combination with light blonde hair color to create accents for the hairstyle.

4. Deep wave hair styles for Nigerian hair extension styles

Deep wave is among the most popular Nigerian hair extension styles

4.1. Bob hairstyle parted for Nigerian hair extension styles


If you are interested in short hairstyles like bob hairs, think about bobs that are part of your hair. This hairstyle can be combined with a simple t-shirt, sleek jeans. A small change in the hair can make a big impact. Women want a feminine look and the wavy weave will help you get there.

4.2. Wavy black hair for Nigerian hair extension styles

Are you often impressed with hair that is bouncy and shiny? The curl and thickness of the hair is very impressive. With Nigerian hair extension styles, you absolutely can have beautiful hair. The wavy black hair leaves the girls with a sexy look. You can style your hair with one-sided braids and let the rest fall over your shoulders.

4.3. Natural curly Lob hair combined with bangs for Nigerian hair extension styles

This hairstyle is the perfect choice to enhance the elegance of the ladies. It cannot be denied that it is known for its ease and elegance. In everyday life, the soft weave of natural curly Lob hair combines bangs to give your girlfriend a dynamic yet sexy look. Depending on the length of your Nigerian hair extension styles, you can create a wave style to create voluminous and romantic curls.

5. How to take care of Nigerian hair extension styles

These are the most useful steps to take care of the Nigerian hair extension styles

5.1. How to brush Nigerian hair extension styles


Tools: Use a wide-tooth comb or a comb specifically designed for hair extensions.

Method: Divide hair into left / right sections, starting to brush hair from root to tip. Be careful not to brush your hair when it’s wet, as hair is often damaged and broken.

Frequency: Every morning and evening

5.2. How to wash Nigerian hair extension styles

One of the important notes when taking care of hair extensions made from natural hair is to take care of them like your real hair. Be sure to brush your Nigerian hair extension styles thoroughly before washing it and do not apply excessive force to the hair. Wet your hair and wash your hair from top to bottom. Massage your scalp in between links with your fingers. Besides, please note

Use shampoo that contains moisturizers. Shampoos with good moisturizing properties will provide the necessary amount of moisture for both your natural hair and your extensions.

If possible, wash your Nigerian hair extension styles separately from your own hair. Separate care and wash will work better for both hair types.

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