High quality is always the strength of hair extensions of Cee Hair Factory. Quality is one of the most important factors that help us exist, develop and achieve the leading position in such a competitive wholesale hair market worldwide now. All hair extensions from Cee Hair is guaranteed to be the best human hair extensions thanks to rigid quality control, from raw hair material to extension production:

Raw hair material collecting:

100% hair materials used by Cee Hair Factory is Vietnamese human hair. 100% of them are high-quality virgin remy hair. We say no to using low-quality non-remy hair or even mixed, synthetic hair, animal hair, etc. We know that many hair factories now use mixed low-quality hair sources to improve the profits. To make the hair look as silky and great as real human hair, they then have to add a lot of chemicals during the production. The hair quality is hence worse and worse. Cee Hair does not accept this.

Raw hair processing:

100% of the hair strands are meticulously checked, combed, cleaned and classified by skillful workers in Cee Hair factory. We use only virgin and remy hair, so this cleaning and arranging task can be done by hand totally. Meanwhile, some factories use non-remy hair with messy hair alignments, so they cannot unify them by hand. They use special tools to turn low-quality non-remy hair into same-alignment remy hair. This is one type of scam as well.

Extension manufacturing:

100% of the hair extensions are operated in Cee Hair factory by experienced workers with no overuse of chemicals. With the bone straight hairstyle, we only use traditional heat methods to cause the least damage to the hair. With the colored hairstyles, we use proper hair dye for human hair, so it does not destroy the hair severely. With curly hair extensions, we use the cold perming method to form the style. As a result, our curly hair can keep its silky and smooth texture.

Quality controlling:

100% of the hair extensions are measured and checked before being sent to the head office for rechecking. In addition, you will also be the ones who recheck our product before the delivery. You can check the hair through images on WhatsApp chat or directly through a video call. We guarantee to only ship the hair when you are satisfied with the quality. You are an important part in our quality controlling stage.

We hope that Cee Hair will serve customers the best with such rigid hair quality control. We are proud to be the leading company in quality guarantee. 100% of our products are high-quality Vietnamese human hair extensions.

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