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A quick weave now is becoming the most famous hair extension in the Africa hair market. Especially for black women, having a quick weave for themselves is no longer difficult nowadays. So why can we say that to talk about quick weave? To have an overview of a quick weave, please read all this article.. Therefore, there are 2 types of people who can read this article, they are wholesale and retail customers.

Good quick weave hair

Good quick weave hair

 All things you should know about quick weave

As the below information, I will describe the most specific information for you about a quick weave. Let see!

1. What is a quick weave?

A quick weave is one type of hair weave which you can use glue to stick your hair weave into a cap so that this cap protects your real hair and head skin. Instead of weave hair into your real hair, you can take it quickly just by some specific steps to have a new appearance.

A quick weave is also a business tool for hair vendors. If you know how to make a quick weave, you can customize for customers and make more profits for yourself.

Especially, normally, when wearing hair, you need to come to a salon or expert to make it. However, with a quick weave, you can make it yourself at home easily. Let talk about this below.

2. Who is suitable for using a quick weave?

Why is quick weave hair more suitable for black women than whites. With hot weather all year round, black hair is weak, thin, short, and curly, not as beautiful as human hair in Asian countries.
Moreover, giving special favors to their hair, black women love a way to quickly change their hairstyles, saving time as well as saving money.

Furthermore, the glue in hat weaving will allow black women to create a variety of natural and beautiful hairstyles with the woven fabric. In fact, the weave attached to the hat instead of your real hair is easier to remove and replace. That’s why this technique is loved by a lot of black women for its convenience. For short hair cases do not worry because you can absolutely use glue to knit short hair.

Good quick weave hair 1

Good quick weave hair 1

3. List of the best hairstyles for a quick weave.

3.1. Straight quick weave hairstyles

This quick-weave hairstyle was popular among black women. At first, it is applied to natural black hair, a completely deep dark color. Therefore, black women who look more powerful and powerful are considered women. However, these hairstyles change it into a variety of hairstyles ranging from short to long hair, from black to blond, from having bangs to not. However, we cannot deny its edgy side to black women’s looks. And I’m extremely sure this is the most classic quick weave hairstyle to date.

Good quick weave hair 3

Good quick weave hair 3

3.2. Bob curly quick weave

With a quick weave of curling bob, you can easily style short hair with it. Moreover, it is also very easy to preserve and maintain the long term. This is a quick-weave hairstyle that black women can create with a variety of hairstyles by changing the hair parting. This continues to be a favorite hairstyle from the past to the present.

quick weave step by step with cap and pictures

quick weave step by step with cap and pictures

3.3.  Layer cut quick weave

This quick-weave hairstyle can look quite simple; however, quick short weaves like this one are a great choice as long as you keep your strands in place with a towel at night, then in the morning you’ll be ready for the whole day without What else must be done for the hair.

quick weave step by step with cap and pictures 2

quick weave step by step with cap and pictures 2

3.4. Color hairstyles quick weave

If you want to keep your hair dark color and keep your hair short, you can try lightening or bleaching your hair color with some feathers on the top. In particular, this hairstyle will create sophistication, which is essential for a modern hairstyle.

In this article, we provide more information about fast weave wigs and some beautiful hairstyles for fast weave short hair. Choose the right one and try it out now. You will find yourself in a beautiful new look.

quick weave step by step with cap and pictures 4

quick weave step by step with cap and pictures

4. 14 steps to apply a quick weave carefully

Here, I will list 14 steps that can help you fix your hair weave at home without having to go to the salon. I will guide you on how to install quick weave step by step with cap and picture, please follow it as accurately as possible.

  • Step 1: Buy hair extensions

Hair extensions are extremely diverse in length, style, quality, and thickness. Choosing a hair extension is also extremely important because you need to choose the hairstyle and speed that is as close to your real hair as possible for your quick weave. Thanks to that, after the hair is woven quickly, no one can recognize your head.
However, finding a place to sell human hair is not easy. Currently, on the world hair market, Vietnam is considered to be the market that provides the best quality hair at an affordable price. One of the companies that provides the best quality human hair with the cheapest price in the market is Cee hair Vietnam. You can contact the following contact to purchase.

  • Step 2: Make sure the hair extensions you buy match your real hair

If your hair is curly, then you should buy curly hair for your quick weave. If your hair is naturally straight, you should buy straight extensions, so that when you have extensions, they will look much better. The texture between the ends of the hair should be as natural as possible. You can consult more between these two hair for your weave: Malaysian and Peruvian hair.

  • Step 3: Use a hair setting solution.

This solution keeps your hair in order and protects it from damage. Brush your hair back, brush as close to the scalp as possible, and apply this solution to your hair. Once done, wait for it to dry completely.

  • Step 4: Create a rectangular part on top of the head

Use a comb to divide the hair on the top of the head into a rectangle, dividing the hair on the sides and back. Then use an elastic band to hold the hair in place so it doesn’t get out of place. all weave strips will be attached directly below this rectangle, you must have enough hair above the rectangle to cover those layers.

  • Step 5: Create a bottom part of hair into a U shape

Use the comb to create the rest of the hair in straight lines that extend from side to side. Remember to divide these lines straight and neatly, otherwise, your quick-weave hair will look messy. In addition, make sure that the quick-weave extensions are 3 inches taller than your scalp, if lower, you will reveal the glue when tying your ponytail.

  • Step 6: Measure and cut the first quick weave

Hold the first woven strand on the bottom U-shaped to measure the length you need. The ends of the strands are woven half an inch away from your hairline. Don’t let the weft grow longer than your hair, it will come out, and cut off any excess.

  • Step 7: Apply glue to your quick weave strands

Bending the curling strands of hair so that the curls adhere to the scalp, and apply the glue to the inside of the curl. Stick it to the scalp carefully and firmly in a straight line through the edge of the woven hair. Since the glue coming out of the jar will be quite thick, you need to make it neatly.

  • Step 8: Soften glue with a hairdryer

Use a hairdryer to blow the glue to soften, until you feel it sticky to the touch. But don’t blow them for too long to make them runny, just reach the stickiness. Gently press the glue against the scalp so it can stick completely. If the glue is too melted, your hair can be damaged.

  • Step 9: Attach the remaining woven hairs to your hair

Position the weft carefully so that the glue sticks to your hair. Starting with the roots of half an inch, then 2-3 inches, continue pressing the weft into your hair until it is gone. Be extra careful when doing this so that the glue doesn’t stick to the scalp. If the glue sticks to the scalp, that part of the scalp may no longer be able to grow hair.

  • Step 10: Wait for it to dry your quick weave

Wait about 3-5 minutes for the glue to dry completely. Try pulling hard to see if the hair is stuck? If the weave hasn’t stuck to your hair, add a little bit of glue and wait for it to dry.

  • Step 11: Repeat this process 2.5 inches above the row of hair above

Fix the upper part of the hair, measure 2.5 inches, and divide your hair into a U-shaped section as before and follow the steps above. Remember to measure a new yarn and the sides are half an inch shorter than the row above.

  • Step 12: Finish sticking the weft hairs

Continue applying horizontal lines every 2.5 inches until up to the top part of the rectangle you originally created. Use the final weft to wrap around the top of your head, remember to keep a distance of 2.5 inches

  • Step 13: Comb hair

Now take down the rectangular hair and brush it, blending the real hair and the woven hair. Now you can comfortably style with your hair.

  • Step 14: Remove these woven hair sections as needed

After a few months, the adhesive will loosen, and it’s time to remove it. Here, I will show you how to remove woven hair quickly step by step.


After a time you use quick weave, and that’s when you need to remove it. To remove them quickly and easily, you should follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Choose an oil to apply to the quick-weave extensions

You can choose to buy an oil that is specifically designed for fast-weaving hair. Or you can also use some of the shampoos you have: lemongrass oil, almond oil, olive oil, or even dish soap.

  • Step 2: Apply oil to every strand of your hair

Consider wearing an old shirt before applying oil, as when the oil gets on your shirt, it can be very difficult to remove. You should spray oil on individual parts of your hair, or use your fingers to apply and massage the extensions.

  • Step 3: Incubate hair for 1 hour

Wear a hair cap or plastic cap to keep the hair in the oil for 1 hour, during which time let the extensions loosen.

  • Step 4: Take off your shower cap and take off your hairs

Gently remove the weft with your hand, if you feel dry or have difficulty removing it, you should spray more oil or soak your hair in the oil for 30 minutes to be able to remove quick weave completely.

  • Step 5: Rinse off any excess glue from your hair

You can buy special glue that can be sprayed on leftover glue after removing the fibers quickly. Then, wash your quick weave hair with water and rinse off all the glue.

  • Step 6: Condition your hair and take care of your hair

Above is the whole process of self-hair quick weave with glue at home as well as removing your own quick weave hair extensions. Hope you can follow them and show off your achievements by commenting on the post below. Good luck!

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