For quality test before buying in bulk

Before you decide to buy hair in bulk, you can order hair samples to test the hair quality first as well. Our MOQ for hair samples is 3 bundles (300gam).

1. The necessariness of buying sample hair

Buying hair samples is extremely important. This is the first step before you decide to buy hair in bulk, especially when you are to start business with a new supplier. Buying hair in samples is the most effective way to test the hair style, type and quality beforehand.

However, are there times when buying sample hair is unnecessary? Of course yes. It is when you have enough trust in your wholesale hair suppliers. You may contact them, make some video calls to check the packages and see that they are real hair suppliers with real orders and good-quality hair extensions. In addition, you may get the introduced hair suppliers from your acquaintances who have bought and are satisfied with the hair, so then you can order hair in bulk.

K-Hair Factory is the biggest hair factory in Vietnam with over 30 years of experience in the wholesale hair extension market. We have our real hair factory, office and resources to supply customers with the best hair extensions. You can contact us, make a video call to check up. You can also check our real reviews on Youtube as well. All of them are from our customers, showing their thanks to K-Hair. Then, you can order hair in bulk from us if you are convinced enough.

The necessariness of buying sample hair

You can trust and order hair in bulk from K-Hair; we guarantee to supply best hair extensions

2. Rules of ordering sample hair from K-Hair Factory

For the best effectiveness when you order hair samples, here are some rules as well as recommendations for you to follow:

  • The most popular sample hair order is 3 bundles + 1 closure. These 3 hair weave bundles and 1 hair closure/frontal undoubtedly have the same hair style. We offer a variety of hairstyles for you to choose from such as straight, bone straight, loose curly, deep wavy, body wavy, kinky curly and so on. In terms of length, you can order the bundles and the closure/frontal of the same length, or the closure/frontal can be 2 inches shorter than the bundles.

e.g. 3 bundles bone straight hair 22” + 1 piece matching closure 5×5 22”

       3 bundles bouncy curl hair 20” + 1 piece matching frontal 13×6 20”

  • To test different hairstyles, you can order 3 bundles of each style. We don’t accept a sample order which is 3 bundles of 3 different styles.

e.g. We don’t accept this order: 1 bundle bone straight, 1 bundle body wavy, 1 bundle loose wavy

       We accept this order: 3 bundles bone straight, 3 bundles body wavy, 3 bundles loose wavy or any other orders with 3 bundles of each hairstyle.

Rules of ordering sample hair from K-Hair Factory

Sample hair order from K-Hair Factory

3. Steps to order sample hair from K-Hair Factory

To order hair from K-Hair, for both sample and in bulk, please contact our WhatsApp +84967894448 for details. Our professional sales staff are available 24/7 to take care of you.

If you have any questions about the business, please feel free to contact us. We are willing to be your guide.

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