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Straight tape in hair extensions and the usage

Of all the hair extension products, straight tape hair extensions are always among the best-selling items of all wholesale hair vendors and hair retailers. Straight hairstyle is also one of the featured hair extension styles from Cee Hair besides other stunning styles such as curly, wavy, pixie, kinky hair, etc. Let’s dig into tape hair extensions through analyzing their definition and characteristics.

What is tape in hair extensions?

Tape in hair extensions are popular hair extension items among many kinds of hair extensions available in the market. This kind of hair extension is usually made into hair pieces which consist of 2 main parts: hair and tape for hair extensions. The tape is stuck near the root part of the hair extension, so that users just need to stick the extension on the middle layer of their real hair for installation. This is a convenient semi-permanent way to have a new hairstyle with hair extension.

Straight tape hair extensions are 100% Vietnam human hair, perfectly natural hair. It is mainly produced from fullest hair and classified into each bundle to sell for the user. It’s not mixed with different hair types or synthetic hair. When it comes to tape-in human hair extensions in Vietnam, you will have 2 different options with 2 different qualities, including virgin hair and remy hair. The point is that we don’t produce and supply non-remy hair extensions in Vietnam as the hair quality is just so terrible.

  • Virgin hair used to make raw tape in hair extensions is the most beautiful hair cut from only one donor. The hair is 100% natural, unprocessed with the best quality. The cuticles are intact, and the cuticle alignments are the same among hairs. As a result, this type of hair enables users to freely restyle the hair. The quality in general is amazing.
  • Remy hair used to make raw tape in hair extensions is also one type of high-quality hair which is collected from 2 or more people. The origins of the remy raw hair tape in extensions are well-controlled, so both the hair cuticles and the hair alignments are quite well-maintained and quite uniform. This type of hair is also suitable for a lot of restyling process, except for hair bleaching.
  • Non-remy hair is the hair that Vietnamese hair factories do not supply. This type of hair is collected from multiple hair donors. The hair origins are not well checked, so the hair is usually severely damaged. The hair cuticles are almost all broken, and the uniformity of hair alignment is really low. This hair item is never recommended for any hair restyling. If you try to straighten, curl, dye or bleach the hair, the hair will degrade immediately.

Tape in hair extensions characteristics

In terms of characteristics, tape hair extensions are well-known for their features in material, color, length, style and weight. Below are the details of all the points.

  • Material: Fullest hair, only human hair, unprocessed chemical, always strong and smooth
  • Color: natural color, we offer tape in hair with many types of colors for all customers
  • Length: 18 inches, available from 8 to 30 inches
  • Style: usually straight hair but other styles are also available
  • Weight: 100 gram/bundle, the girl usually use 2 to 3 bundles in order to make their hair to become thicker and longer.
Image result for tape hair extensions
Image result for tape hair extensions
Straight tape hair with diversity color in HairVN

If you want to buy high-quality tape hair extensions at the most reasonable prices, Cee Hair is absolutely one of the best choices for you. Tape hair extension products from Cee Hair can meet the demands of all customers as they are so diverse in styles, good in quality & price and professional in all related policies.

Packaging and shipping

Cee Hair is a famous wholesale hair distributor which supplies hair extensions all over the world. We use the plastic bag to storage tape-in human hair extensions. External package is always standard box and bag, maybe we design following customer requested.

We build the relationship with some companies like UPS, DHL, Cargo carrier, so that we ship your products very fast. Only within 7 working days depending on your location. In addition, the rate is updated daily, so you are assured to get the best hair at the best costs. If you like or want to order any of our products, please contact us, we will support all kinds of the best and beautiful human hair extensions with the best quality and price

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Beautiful – high quality products

High-quality tape in hair extensions in HairVN

As mentioned, raw hair tape in hair extensions is made of 100% Vietnamese hair. It is high-quality virgin remy hair. In terms of quality grades classified by hair volumes, there are 3 grades, including single drawn hair, double drawn hair and super double drawn hair. You can also order the special VIP hair if necessary as well. This ensures that you can get all the hair volumes you want for different purposes.

  • Single drawn hair can ensure that in each hair bundle, hair piece or closure/frontal, etc, about 60-65% of the hair has the same length. This creates uneven hair volumes from the root to the tail. Touching the hair, you will feel that the hair is not safactorily full at all. However, it is perfect for ones who just need thin hair extensions.
  • Double drawn hair is the hair with 70-80% of the hair has the same length. This type of hair extension is quite full, and it is clearly more expensive than the single drawn one. Double drawn hair is suitable to make thick hair extensions.
  • Super double drawn hair has the fullest volume of 3 types of hair quality grades, so it is also the most expensive one. About 80-85% of the hair has the same length, so the hair is nearly so full and uniform from hair root to hair tail.
  • VIP hair is the perfect type of hair whose hairs are 100% of the same length. Normally, this type of hair is for special orders only, as super double drawn hair is already beautiful enough for full hair extensions. After all, VIP hair is the most expensive type of hair and can ensures the best length uniformity.

Straight tape hair extensions are perfectly made from Vietnam human hair in hair warehouse, so it is very strong, smooth and shiny. So that, it will easy to make hairstyle extensions such as body wave tape in hair, kinky curly tape in hair extensions, wavy hair extensions tape in, etc. When you use those hairstyle extensions, it will help your hair to become more beautiful and smoother. That’s great when you own a beautiful hair. Straight tape in hair extensions is always the best choice for you.

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