The Difference Between Swiss Lace and thin Swiss HD lace closure?

Many wig makers are confused about lace materials for making a full wig. There are many types of lace on the Hair Market right now such as Transparent laceSwiss Lace and thin Swiss HD lace closure,…ThereforeHow do you know which lace is the type you really need and which one is right for the wig you are making? This article will guide you to find out the answer.

1.Overview of Transparent laceSwiss Lace and thin Swiss HD lace closure

There are many types of lace for making wigs on the market. However, In general, there are 3 main types of lace used mainly, they are: Transparent laceSwiss Lace and thin Swiss HD lace closure. With the naked eye and a few years of experience in the hair business, it is easy to confuse the lace above. And paying more for lace does not match their value is a common occurrence. Therefore, we should clearly define each type of lace before distinguishing and stating their uses. You can also consult more hairstyles here: 3 best ways to style curtain bangs and how to rock the.

1.1. The characteristic of Transparent lace

Transparent lace is typically made as French or Swiss lace. Swiss lace is more commonly used for transparent lace extensions among Swiss Lace and thin Swiss HD lace closure. The outstanding characteristic of Transparent lace is that It is very thin and translucent. It is sometimes difficult to detect. So this is one of the very popular lace types recently. The transparent lace suits all skin tones as it is difficult to detect. You can completely dye lace with the color you want. Transparent laces are usually in the white version. When shining them in light you even find them extremely thin with very thick knots

The characteristic of Transparent lace:

transparent lace

  • It’s so thin that you can “see through
  • Natural-looking is a big advantage of Transparent lace because It is undetectable and It is fit with all of your skin tone
  • Good quality and good price for making a full wig
  • A Transparent lace closure is useful for covering the top of your hair following the installation of tracks below the top of your head

1.2.The characteristic of Swiss Lace

The name not only shows how it was defined, but also shows the origin of the lace above. Swiss lace is very popular in the market because of the proper price and quality as well. As you can see between Swiss Lace and thin Swiss HD lace closure, It is thicker and darker. By naked eye, It is easy for you to find out which is Swiss Lace among Transparent lace, Swiss Lace and thin Swiss HD lace closure. Swiss lace will fit well in your skin when you wear it so it will give you a very undetectable looking. There are many color tones of Swiss lace such as Black, Black Brown, Beige, Beige Brown,…Therefore It is suitable for almost all skin tones and full wigs. Wig makers can choose between some tone of lace, which is the best for their customers to make them look natural-looking.

Swiss Lace Closures e1609930868864

There are many sizes of Swiss lace that you can cover for your lace wigs. It will depend on the density that your customers want to cover their top of  full lace wigs to look more natural and fuller.

1.3.The characteristic of thin Swiss HD lace

Compared to transparent lace, Swiss Lace and thin Swiss HD lace closure, Swiss HD lace is the thinnest and the most transparent. It is made using modern technologies, giving the softness to HD lace. For more details about hair extension production, you can also read the topic that helps compare wholesale hair distributor. Back to Swiss HD, you will not be able to detect them by placing them on the skin surface. Only by observing them at a very close distance will you be able to detect. Among 3 types of transparent lace, Swiss Lace and thin Swiss HD lace closure, Which is the most outstanding characteristic of thin HD lace?

– Lace extremely thin, can see through

– Lace has a light light color or beige color, suitable for all skin types because they are difficult to detect

– Use for all types of wig because of its thinness, lightness, and flexibility

However, because they are too thin, they are easy to tear when making a wig. So they are more suitable for wig makers with many years of professional experience.

2.Comparing between Transparent lace, Swiss Lace and thin Swiss HD lace closure

This section will show some advantages and disadvantages that you can consider to choose the best lace type for your making wigs.

2.1. The common point of Transparent lace, Swiss Lace and thin Swiss HD lace closure

  • All 3 laces are very thin and light. So it feels extremely comfortable, gentle when you wear the wig for a long time. This is extremely important because hair extensions are not only an accessory that makes you look more beautiful, but you also use them for a very long time.
  • Lace colors of all 3 types are suitable for many skin tones. So the wig makers will have more choice in choosing the lace that best satisfies their customers’ needs.

2.2. The difference between Transparent lace, Swiss Lace and thin Swiss HD lace closure

  • Matching: Comparing with Swiss Lace and thin Swiss HD lace closure, Transparent lace is less matching with some skin tones. Because The lace color is mostly bright white or beige, so it is suitable for people with whiter skin. However it can also be used for dark skinned people, but you will lose a bit of dyeing to the lace you want. If you want more style that can mach your natural hair and skin wellm you can also read this: Natural straight weft hair.
  • Durability: Swiss lace has the highest durability compared to Transparent lace and thin Swiss HD lace. Although thinness cannot be compared to the two types above, Swiss lace has relatively good durability. Lace is produced in many different colors, tough and difficult to tear. When touched, you will clearly feel that it is stiffer than the other 2 types. It is suitable for wig beginners
  • Aesthetics: It is undeniable that among Transparent lace, Swiss Lace and thin Swiss HD lace closure, HD lace has the highest aesthetic. Not only is it soft and thin in material, it also has a high aesthetics of color. HD lace contributes to creating a perfect wig with the most natural and luxurious look. It’s hard for you to find out that girl is wearing a wig hair extension

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3. How to buy Swiss Lace and thin Swiss HD lace closure? 

Currently, laces for making closures are sold a lot in the market. However, you can buy these laces mainly in China. Some e-commerce sites you can find and buy are, However, keep in mind that these are just lace in case you bought them yourself to make closures complete by yourself, not pre-made closures with the accompanying human hair. To be able to buy transparent lace, Swiss Lace and thin Swiss HD lace closures, you need to look for a few factories that manufacture hair extensions to buy. This article will help you do just that

3.1. Top 3 biggest Hair Factories in Vietnam supplying transparent lace, Swiss Lace and thin Swiss HD lace closures

The recommended hair factories below not only help you find transparent lace, Swiss Lace and thin Swiss HD lace closures, it is also the most reputable hair selling address in Vietnam at factory prices and not over. any intermediaries. You won’t have to waste time finding a place to sell hair extensions and separate closures. They can even supply bulk to you

3.1.1. Cee hair Factory

With more than 30 years of experience in the hair industry, Cee hair Factory has been and is leading the hair business with remarkable achievements. With a large factory scale, they focus on producing hair on a relatively large scale, supplying to major markets such as Europe and Africa. They not only manufacture hair extensions, but also provide hundreds of thousands of closures per month. In addition, Cee hair can also create wigs with Transparent lace, Swiss Lace and thin Swiss HD lace closures depending on customer’s needs.

They are gradually becoming more rampant on some sales channels such as facebook, instagram,…

3.1.2. Apohair

With over 10 years of experience in the hair industry, Apo hair is gradually proving that it is one of the reputable suppliers in the Vietnam market. They are also one of the major hair distributors in Vietnam focusing mainly on the European market. Here, you can buy Transparent lace, Swiss Lace and thin Swiss HD lace closures. However, Apohair’s Transparent lace is rated as the best compared to Swiss Lace and thin Swiss HD lace closures.

apo hair logo

3.1.3. Unihairvn

Uni hair focuses on the main market in Europe. They offer quality hair extensions for a relatively good price. They also offer popular lace like Transparent lace, Swiss Lace and thin Swiss HD lace closures. However mainly they are offering Transparent Lace and Swiss lace as it is more popular in the African market.

Uni hair closures

3.2. Which is better among transparent lace, Swiss Lace and thin Swiss HD lace closures?

As mentioned in section 2.2, each lace closure has its own distinct advantages. Overall, they are of good quality and meet basic standards for thinness, naturalness, and aesthetics.

So, to choose the right lace among transparent lace, Swiss Lace and thin Swiss HD lace closures, you should consider the following factors:

How many years of experience do you have in the industry?

Make sure you have all the skills you need to handle different types of lace, especially HD lace. They are easy to tear and break if you do not handle them properly. So, if you are just a wig beginner, you should get acquainted with Swiss Lace first, because they cost less than the other two types anyway.

What kind of lace closures do your clients fit into?

As a smart and skillful salesman, you should give honest advice to your customers. You need to see what lace your client’s skin tone matches with to choose the one that best suits your client, see what they expect about lace closures they want to buy: Thinness, price, or degree. nature?

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