Top 5 Best Chic Outfit Ideas Of 2021

Chic is all the hype these days. Girls love chic style clothing as much as boys love video games. Whatever is in your closet, it wouldn’t be a fashionable girl closet if it doesn’t have a chic outfit in. This is not only the attire that we wear to our working places, but it can also be an elegant and classy outfit for a date or a fancy dinner. Don’t think chic is just for the workplace dress code, this style is far more charming than that.

So, how to pull off the chic look? You don’t need fancy clothes to look neat and posh, but the key lies in how you wear them. Here are some of the simplest tips for you to slay a chic outfit and look like a real fashionista on the streets.

Ton-Sur-Ton Chic Outfit.

Ton-Sur-Ton Chic Outfit

Ton-Sur-Ton Chic Outfit

If you’re not good at color mixing or found bold patterns and prints a little intimidating to mix and match try this style instead. Sure patterns can definitely work in a sophisticated and classy look, but it’s easy to overdo and when it does, it can ruin your whole classy style look. Neutrals are your friend in this case. You can easily find solid pieces in the stores if you don’t already have some in your closet. These pieces are easily combined, and help to make your wardrobe more versatile.

Typical neutrals are white/beige/cream, navy blue, black, and gray. You don’t have to dress from head-to-toe in black (or in any other color). You can play around with different shades or tints of the same color and make your look more colorful and interesting while still remaining classy. For an even more eye-catching look, pair your attire with something bold and dramatic like a skinny burgundy alligator belt, a paisley scarf, or a pair of red pumps.

Fitting Clothes Chic Outfit.

Fitting Clothes Chic Outfit

Fitting Clothes Chic Outfit

Classy and sophisticated clothing go hand in hand with tailored and form-fitting. It doesn’t have to be skin-tight, but it can’t be sloppy ever. Pick something that can show off your figure. Skirts should hit just above or below the knee, as should your classy dresses. The trousers for a classy chic attire should be straight, slightly wide, faintly bootcut, or menswear-inspired and ½-inch off the floor in the back. Other types of pants such as wide-leg pants, skinny pants, and ankle pants in classic fabrics can also make a great chic outfit. If you decide to wear blazers, blouses, and sweaters, then make sure they follow the curve of your waist.

If the clothes don’t fit you perfectly, don’t hesitate to take items to a tailor. Yes, it might cause you some extra money for the adjustments, but it’s better than putting on an ugly dress and having a dent in your confidence. Plus, it’s still cheaper than tailor-made clothes. You can mix in unstructured pieces for a more relaxed vibe. Pair a blue-striped t-shirt with chinos and a denim jacket or a flowy maxi skirt with a crisp white button-down shirt.

No Place For OVEREXPOSE With A Chic Outfit.

No Place For OVEREXPOSE With A Chic Outfit

No Place For OVEREXPOSE With A Chic Outfit

Dressing classy requires a bit of modesty, which means no midriff-baring tops, revealing low décolletage, or mini skirts.

You can show off your neck and your collar bones though. Whatever you choose, just make sure that you won’t show off your cleavage too much and get your belly button covered. If the armholes on blouses and dresses reveal your bra, consider replacing that.

In the case of skirts and dresses, the hem length should be just above or below the knee for everyday wear. In summer, this length can be slightly shorter. You can try out a full-length skirt or gown for summer events or classic formal wear. For more details, you can read more about the best ways to wear a skirt.

Hair And Chic Outfit.

Hair And Chic Outfit

Hair And Chic Outfit

Looking chic takes more than just dressing up. It’s a style. To tie everything off and look like a real proper lady, you also gotta pay attention to small details and your hairstyle is one of the important parts of it. Make sure you style your hair. It can make the whole attire look different.

Sleek buns or ponytails are great hairstyles to try out. It’s sophisticated and glamorous, and it takes under a minute to do so you don’t have to fuss about it first thing in the morning. A sleek low bun paired with hoop earrings will make a professional yet highly fashionable look. But if you don’t have the time to tie your hair, then opt for a haircut that looks classy like waves or layers.

Chic Outfit And Moderate Accessories.

Chic Outfit And Moderate Accessories

Chic Outfit And Moderate Accessories

Speaking of small details, accessories will also play a role in making your chic outfit look more stand out. Simple is the best way to go when it comes to accessorizing for a classy and sophisticated style. Earrings should be small silver or gold hoops, pearl or diamond studs. For your wrist, you can wear a bracelet or watch.

If your attire reveals your collarbone, then wearing some necklace will do you a favor. You can use scarves as a great way to add color and visual interest to your chic outfit too.

And there you have it, the simplest ways to dress and slay a chic outfit look. We hope we have inspired you to try out new fashion ideas the next time you wear your outfit. If you still want more styling tips, then feel free to check out our post on Best Ways To Wear Suits For Women: 2021 Edition and Trending Fashion Styles That You Should Check Out In 2021.

And if you’re already a fashionista, is time to care for your hair too. You can check out our amazing ombre, wavy, or raw bulk hair extensions for quick help in hairstyling. For even more fun ways to style your hair and other hair-related topics, you can go here.

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