Vietnamese Hair: Compare Vietnamese Hair vs India and China Hair

Have you ever heard about Vietnamese hair extensions? You always buy hair from India or China and this is your first time buying hair from Vietnam? You don’t know about differences among Vietnamese , India, and China Hair, then this blog will answer all your wonders! All things about Vietnamese hair are revealed here! Especially, after reading, you will be able to answer: Vietnamese hair vs. Indian hair – which one is better?

Long hair symbolizes for the beauty of Vietnamese women

I. What Is Origin Of Vietnamese Hair?

  • Vietnamese hair is 100% natural human hair collected from Vietnamese women
  • Mostly, the hair is taken from the villagers in the high mountains( with cold weather), so their hair is really strong and silky( their hair isn’t affected by sunlight)
  • 80% of hair is from women at the age of 18-25
  • As you know, the villagers from the high mountains are very strong in health, they work all day. Therefore, the quality of hair is along with the donor’s health, it is very strong and durable.
  • You can consult a comparison of origin among Vietnamese hair, Chinese hair and Indian hair to have a further understanding!
Vietnamese women with natural long silky hair

II. What Is Characteristics Of Vietnamese Hair?

Vietnamese hair, especially Vietnamese virgin hair is loved by many wholesale hair sellers in the world because of many prominent characteristics of hair quality.

2.1 Vietnamese Hair has a thick texture and natural black color

  • The Natural Colour is naturally black, sometimes it is dark brown. This natural tone colour is loved by many customers because it brings out a natural and confident outlook
  • The texture of hair is very full and thick, so it is very easy to make many hairstyles like curly, wavy from the natural straight texture.

2.2 Vietnamese Hair is soft and silky

  • As mentioned above about the origin of Vietnam Hair, the hair is taken from 100% women hair, healthy donor for the best quality hair.
  • The hair goes through no processing method so it keeps the natural texture: soft and natural silky. Under the sunlight, you can see the silky light shinning from the hair.
  • You even can’t need a comb to brush hair, just use your hand and glide past your hair smoothly

2.3 Vietnamese Hair has long durability

  • The durability of natural straight hair can up to 2-10 years depends on the way you maintain the hair.
  • With processed hair like curly wavy colour hair, it can be from 1-5 years

2.4 No Chemical Processed Hair

>> In Cee Hair factory, we all understand about these prominent characteristics of Vietnamese hair compaired with China or India hair. Therefore, we want to keep the best natural texture of vietnam hair and make them into beautiful products hair weft to my dear customers.

> We don’t use any chemical to put into hair, we use natural ingrediants and traditonal method to maintain and style the hair: For example, to make light brown colour in hair, Cee hair factory use coffee beans to make brown colour. By this way, the hair has a light silky brown colour and a fragrant smell

We use coffee beans to make natural brown colour


III. How many grades of Vietnamese Hair? Is Vietnam hair is divided into A8, A9, A10 like China Hair?

  • Vietnam hair factories don’t separate hair into A grade: A8, A9, A10,.. like China hair. Normally, Vietnam hair vendors divide hair into 3 grades: single drawn hair, double drawn hair and super double drawn hair. Fewer grades of quality does show more prestige. In fact, there are many Chinese hair factories with a wide range of hair quality are all scammers. You’d better be alert to idenify them – identify Chinese scammers.
  1. Single Drawn Hair: 40-45% hair is same length, the rest is mixed length
  2. Double Drawn Hair: 60-65% hair is same length, the rest is mixed length
  3. Super Double Drawn Hair:80-85% hair is same length, the rest is mixed length
  4. Vip Quality: 90-95% hair is same length, the rest is mixed length
4 grades of Vietnamese hair

IV. Compare Vietnamese Hair vs India and China Hair

2.1 Vietnam hair

Vietnam hair  is very famous for good quality of hair at a reasonable price. Moreover, the healthy sources of hair donors make the hair become durable in a long time of using ( it can be up to 2-10 years if customers know how to take care properly. The price is estimated to be reasonable, just from 8.9 USD/bundle.

2.2 China hair

China hair factory is widely known for industrial-scale production and cheap products due to the availability of cheap labour and advancement in the increased use of technology. Therefore, the price of hair in China market can be considered to be quite cheap. But according to many wholesale hair sellers, China hair is quite nice for the first time but then becoming tangled and shedding easily.

2.3 India hair

Because of India’s economy, the labour and prices of products in India are very very cheap, also with hair products. But the price is always together with quality. The price of hair in India is much cheaper compared with the Vietnamese hair factory and China hair factory. Just 6.7 USD you can get a bundle and we can’t for so good quality hair at a low rate price.

Factory Advantages Disadvantages Durability Price
Viet Nam Good quality hair, reasonable price, hair with long durability Hair is not available in stock
( factory makes fresh hair)
2-10 years from 8.6 USD/bundle
China Industrial-scale production, big quantity, hair always available in stock The hair gets tangled and shedding after a short time using 1-5 years From 7.9 USD/bundle
India Very cheap hair The quality is just at a normal rate 1-2 years From 6.7 USD/bundle

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