Weave Ponytails With Tracks: Amazing Hairstyle For You

When it comes to weave hair extensions, almost all of us will think of weaving the hair with single or multiple braids or installing a quick weave. The hairstyles are usually those with untied hair. However, why not try something new with ponytails! The weave ponytails with tracks will definitely never let you down for their special and diverse beauty. This post will show you all the significant points about the weave ponytails as well as how to install and take care of them.


Weave Ponytails With Tracks

1. Get to know weave ponytails with tracks

If you are only familiar with the normal sew in weave or quick weave, this part is totally for you to get all the basic information about weave ponytail with tracks first. We will together step by step learn about the definition, typical characteristics and pros & cons which will show you why weave ponytails are an amazing choice.

1.1. What are weave ponytails with tracks?

About the definition, weave ponytails are actually one method of applying weft hair extensions. Instead of sewing the hair weft on a single horizontal cornrow or some cornrows to blend and create untied hairstyles, now just use the tracks to attach to your real ponytail to create a new style – weave ponytails with tracks! In fact, with the half up half down style, you’ll also need to both sew in the tracks on your braids and attach the tracks to the ponytails.


What are weave ponytails with tracks?

About the characteristics, there are 3 significant points to pay attention to. They are about the weft hair quality, the durability of the style and the popularity.

  • The quality of weave ponytails with tracks depends on the types of weave extensions you use and whether the supplier is a top best hair warehouse or not. With human hair extensions, your hairstyle will be smooth and natural-looking. On the other hand, synthetic extensions will look super unnatural and are not recommended.
  • The durability of a weave ponytail with tracks style is said to be at least 2 weeks. It is the best time for the ponytail to stay on you before being reapplied or put off. Of course, the tracks are all reusable and can last for months even years with proper care.
  • The popularity of weave ponytails with tracks is amazing, especially in American-African countries. Black weave ponytails full of styles are typical hairstyles of all girls and women there.


Characteristics of weave ponytails with tracks

1.2. Pros and cons of weave ponytails with tracks

The pros of the weave ponytail with tracks consists of 4 outstanding strengths.

  • Gorgeous beauty: The ponytails are always attractive hairstyles that suit everyone and never become out of date. With a high or half up ponytail extension, every user can confidently shine with an active, youthful and individual style. Meanwhile with the low one, a classy and luxury vibe is clearer.
  • Diverse hairstyles: When it comes to ponytail styles, you can freely choose from the collection of straight, curly, wavy, color, braid hair, etc. You can even widen the collection by changing the installation, from high, low to half up ponytails, etc.
  • Easy & flexible installation: The weave ponytails with tracks are easy to install with 3 popular choices of methods: sew in, glue in and clip in. This also enables us to easily apply the ponytails at home! All the things needed are so simple and easy to buy.
  • Easy mix & match: The weave ponytails are set to wrap all your leave out ponytail, so that you don’t need to worry about mixing or blending two kinds of hair. All the ponytail revealed is weave tracks, so there will be no tangling weave issue.


Pros of weave ponytails with tracks

The cons of weave ponytails with tracks are so rare. Two common ones are all about hair care.

  • No hair washing can be the first weakness of this type of hairstyle. Wearing a weave ponytail, you cannot wash your real hair for a couple of weeks. This can cause uncomfortability. However, users who are familiar with quick weave will feel that it is not a matter at all. In fact, this is also the chance for your real hair to take a rest.
  • Hair maintenance for bedtime may confuse you at first. However, with the help of a hair bonnet, this issue is no longer annoying at all.

In summary, the strengths clearly outweigh the weaknesses, so weave ponytails with tracks are worth trying at least one. You’ll be attracted immediately by the amazing results for sure.


Cons of weave ponytails with tracks

2. Attractive hairstyles for weave ponytails with tracks

As mentioned, weave ponytails are extremely famous for diverse styles. Below we will show you the most amazing styles to choose. You’ll never get bored with these ponytails as each style will also provide you with a variety of particular choices!

2.1. High weave ponytails with tracks

High weave ponytails are ponytails that are attached on the top part of your head. The ponytails are usually loved to be long enough to cover at least below your shoulder. Such a high ponytail will bring about active, youthful and also classy vibes.

Different styles can be applied for high weave ponytails with tracks. Normally, the hair covering the head – your real hair – is usually treated to be so sleek, and the ponytail will be freely styled according to personal preferences. The most popular tail patterns are body wave, bone straight and pixie curly ones. Of course, the hair colors and real hair restyling are of free choices!


High weave ponytails with tracks

2.2. Low weave ponytails with tracks

Low weave ponytails are ponytails that are attached to your head at a middle or lower part. This style of ponytail is very elegant and luxurious. This style is especially suitable for business and formal meetings.

Different styles are available as well. The most loved are also ones with sleek head parts and free style ponytails. The head part can be normal sleek hair or sleek braids. The ponytails can be of bone straight, kinky, body wave or braid styles full of colors.


Low weave ponytails with tracks

2.3. Half up half down weave ponytails with tracks

Half up half down weave ponytails are one of the most special types of weave ponytails. Unlike the two basic types above, the half up half down is more creative with half of the hair tied as a ponytail, and the other half is untied. The untied part can be your real hair, but normally, it is sewn with hair weft as well. Therefore, the volume is much better to create the bouncy effect. In general, this hairstyle is very creative and youthful.

Different styles to choose from half up half down weave ponytails with tracks are also sleek real hair parts with bone straight or curly wavy ponytails. This style doesn’t require the ponytail to be so long. In fact, it can be of all lengths: short, medium or long ones.


Half up half down weave ponytails with tracks

2.4. Use your limitless creativity for weave ponytails with tracks

In addition to typical hairstyles like the high, low or half up ponytails, you can also freely create your own styles. Below are two amazing suggestions to consider. You can follow or get the inspiration to create a new one for yourself.

  • Bubble weave ponytails with tracks: Instead of letting the ponytail be untied as normal, you can totally use some rubber bands or colorful ribbons to tie the tail into different parts which look like bubbles. Simply wrapping the ribbons around the ponytail is also a good idea.
  • Weave ponytails with accessories, why not! You can braid your revealed real hair, and then attach hair accessories like the clips or cuffs to create some highlights. Your style will definitely stand out in comparison with other standard sleek ones!


Creative weave ponytails with tracks

3. How to install weave ponytails with tracks

The weave ponytails are super easy to install. As mentioned, there are three popular methods to apply a weave ponytail: sew in, glue in and clip in. All these methods are only different in one point only, so we’ll introduce all in one guide and clarify the difference when necessary!

3.1. Prepare all you need

What to prepare before installing weave ponytails with tracks? No matter what method you choose, you will need a hair weft, comb and hair oil or conditioner. Then, if you choose the sew in method, you will also need a needle and thread. If you choose the glue in one, you will need a bottle of hair glue. If you choose the clip in one, what you need more are hairpins.

Where to buy all the things? Some of the materials like comb, hair oil or conditioner, needle, thread and hairpins are usually available or easily purchased at local stores. For hair weft, you can consider local hair salons/stores for small quantities and top best wholesale hair vendors for big quantities.


Prepare to install weave ponytails with tracks

3.2. Install your weave ponytails with tracks with 3 simple steps

Now comes the guide to install a weave ponytail. Below are the 3 most simple steps ever to follow to achieve a style with a sleek head part and full ponytail!

Step 1: Section your real hair: Firstly, you need to decide whether you want high or low weave ponytails with tracks. Then, please section the hair for braids and leave out. If you want a sleek plain instead of a sleek braid head part, you can skip this step as you just need to tie all your hair up into a ponytail.

Step 2: Deal with the real hair: After being braided (if you like) and prepared to tie into a ponytail, the hair ought to be added hair oil or conditioner to make sure that the hair is sleek, and the revealed hair will be fixed for a long enough time. Then, just tie your hair up.

Step 3: Attach the weave ponytails with tracks: If you choose sew in method, you should wrap the extension around your real ponytail at the same time as sewing it. For glue in method, it is more simple as you just need to use the glue to stick the extension to the real hair. The clip in method is the easiest one as you only need to use some hairpins to fix the extensions around your ponytail. After finishing attaching, you are done with your new ponytail hairstyle!


Install weave ponytails with tracks

4. How to take care of weave ponytails with tracks

As the weave ponytails will last for about 2 weeks on your head, and the real hair cannot be untied for washing or caring, so all you need to pay attention to is to maintain the form of the ponytails.

  • For bedtime, you should cover your weave ponytail with a bonnet to prevent tangling.
  • For daily routine, you can gently brush the ponytail to get rid of messy hair. You can also add more necessary products to your revealed real hair to keep it always sleek and fixed.

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