Hair extensions have really become “a thing” on the beauty market. Among many types of them, weft hair has grown as the “most-sought” product thanks to its versatility. In this article, Cee hair is going to equip you with all knowledge of weft hair extension as well as some useful advice when buying it.


What’s it like

Weft hair or sew-in hair is often referred to as the collection of hair strands whose one end is attached to a fine clothing strip by sewing.

Weft hair in various textures and colors
The reinforced seam at the top of the bundle

How it’s made

The sewing is performed by a machine with 3 needles to add a strengthened stitch to the top of the hair strands. The hair is sewn once and then folded over and sewn again to prevent the hair from sliding out of the seam. Therefore, it is very strong and sturdy. Let’s see how it’s made at the factory of Cee hair


What it is used for

Ladies come to this type of extension because it’s safe, durable, and versatile. While other kinds like tip and clip-in extension require the wearers’ hair to be strong, weft hair is the lifesaver for people with weak hair, for the reason that It can help cover the area that has too little hair.

Weft hair installing

Sew-in hair can also be used to make a wig. To make a wig, normally three bundles of sew-in hair and one closure 4×4 are needed.


Among other types of hair extensions, here are some reasons you should choose weave-in hair

  • Affordable: While tape or tip or clip in hair costs hundreds of dollars for 1kg, weft hair is much cheaper. Cee hair sells it at just from 89$ for 1kg.
  • Durable: Tip hair or tape hair may be in trouble under hot weather while hair weave protects your locks from damage heat and is extremely safe under every weather condition.
  • Offer a wide range of styles and textures like Bone straight, Bangs, Body wave, Deep wave, Magic fumi, etc.
A wide range of weft hairstyles


Another line of sew-in hair is hand-tied. As the name says, hand-tied hair is manually weaved by skillful workers. This line is not as popular as machine-weaved one and even more expensive, but many customers prefer manually-weaved hair. So why?

Hand-tied weft hair from Cee hair

For one thing, this special line is definitely thinner and lighter compared to the machine-sewn one. Being thinner means being more natural. Hair extensions wearers will never want anyone to detect any additives.

Another reason for the favor of hand-tied weft hair is that the hair doesn’t shed. The most common problem with hair extension is always shedding. However, thanks to the firm and small crocheting line, handmade sew-in hair can hold your locks harmless from hair falling.

3. Choose weft hair extensions for your business

There are two types of hair used to make this extension: synthetic and real human hair. Human hair, though a bit pricy, is worth the money. Natural weft hair, especially Vietnamese hair, offers the best quality: look more real and more durable. Meanwhile, synthetic is cheaper but it gives the wearer the unnatural feel and looks. Also, this can’t last for a long time and will soon become tangled and fizzy. So if you are a hair seller chasing after trend and fad, artificial hair may be a suitable pick.

Yet, human hair extension has gained much fondness over the synthetic one thanks to the rise in the income of beauty lovers. Thus, your business will be more sustainable if the main product is natural hair.

In addition to choosing the type of weft hair to market, find a good supplier for your business is also of importance because hair suppliers are the parties who ensure the quality of what you will sell. There are three main human hair exporters in the world: Vietnam, India, and China. While Chinese hair uses too many chemicals to make it shiny at first, India’s hair is almost non-Remy hair, Vietnamese hair is well-known as a luxury item that is strong and naturally silky. So depending on your customer base, you can choose the most applicable one for your business.

If you are looking for a Vietnamese hair vendor selling human hair, Cee hair Factory will take it as our pleasure to have chance to introduce ourselves. With 30 years of experience in exporting hair globally, we have been known as:
– Human hair provider of top quality with various styles
– Offer the most competitive prices
– Long-term partner of many hair salons from different parts of the world
– 24/7 consulting; great pre and after-sale service

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