What Hairstyles Suit Me – Best Choices For 6 Different Face Shapes

Beautiful women must have the proper attitude and hair, which is a significant aspect in ladies and gentlemen respecting “zero-dead” beauty. Sometimes, clients tend to follow trendy hairstyles and take the inspiration for their hair cut from celebrities. According to hairstylists, customers highly need to know what hairstyles suit me to have a “no dead point” beauty and pursue a stunning look. If not, understand which hairstyles suit your face to figure out which one you prefer. In this blog, we will  help all of you guys to clarify the concerns of what hairstyles suit me to make a big difference for your appearance.


What Hairstyles Suit Me

1. What hairstyles suit me – Identify different face shapes

In general, talking about different face shapes, there are six main categories that we are about to mention: oval, round, square, heart, diamond and long. For those who are curious about your face, our brief introduction will definitely be useful for you guys.

Figure out the form of your face is whatever we advise you before getting into answering the question: what hairstyles suit me? Follow our instructions to clarify this truth! As a result, you will know which styles are suitable to be applied on your real hair or even which famous hair warehouse has the styles of hair extensions you want!


What hairstyles suit me – Identify different face shapes

2. What hairstyles suit me – Round face

When it comes to round faces, we tend to mention the equal length of the face and the height of the cheekbones. A round face has the advantage of making you look younger and more attractive thanks to chubby cheeks, which is why it is often known as a baby face and becomes one of the most prevalent.

If you desire a thinner face, use black powder on both sides of your face when applying makeup; it will look more elegant. When your face is round, other traits tend to be in harmony with rounded eyes, rounded cheeks, and sort of like that. Taking the brightest round-faced of Ginnifer Goodwin and Cameron Diaz as premium examples, who typically succeed with attractive hairstyles.

Having a round face has both pros and cons for what hairstyles suit me! The unique point of round is their rounded cheeks, so when it comes to makeup, a flawless contour will boost the overall appearance of the face and appear younger than your actual age. On the other hand, selecting short haircuts does not look good on round faces, which will cause the face to become exceedingly large, out of proportion to the rest of the body, and we will overshadow our beauty.


What hairstyles suit me – Round face

What hairstyles suit me? Some of our options often focus on shoulder-length bob hair, deep side parts, loose beach waves with what are lowlights, side-swept bangs, and so on. Opting for hairstyles for round hair with the main purpose to elevate the appeal of round face, therefore, users with round hair should avoid blunt bangs for laying the wideness and reveal the shortcomings of users.

3. What hairstyles suit me – Oval face

Another face form is for an oval face. A face with an oval shape has a balanced rounded jawline and a slender jawline that is neither excessively long nor overly sharp. The chin and jawline of the person who has this face make an outstanding ellipse. Oval face is considered an ideal standard when it comes to types of face with balanced proportions. Some of the following identifying signs can help you recognize this face:


What hairstyles suit me – Oval face

  • The jaw angle is narrow, and the cheekbones aren’t too high, whereas the forehead is slightly wider than the chin.
  • The chin isn’t pointed, square, or excessively long.
  • The five senses are balanced and not too acute, giving the impression of lightness and elegance.

If you belong to an oval face, you are considered fortunate with a versatile and varied choice of beauty, particularly for hairstyles. Plus, you don’t even care much for “what hairstyles suit me”. Choosing styles for this face is hassle-free and easy as much. Straight ponytail, sleek hairstyles, both long and short waves, or shoulder layers are listed on the top “ what hairstyles suit me” as perfect selection to take full advantage of the ideal oval shape.


What hairstyles suit me – Oval face

Along with that, the forehead is the main point that users need to take into consideration as using heavy bangs. If users have a deeper understanding about the lines on your oval face, there is no chance to give yourself a fresh and dynamic look on a daily basis.

4. What hairstyles suit me – Square face

To get a square face, standing up in front of the mirror and looking at the jawline. Angelina Jolie is a prime example with a sexy square face and distinct traits. Generally, square faces can sometimes be misled with oval faces. The sharp jawline and short chin of the square face shape provide the impression that the chin lacks softness and subtle curves. The horizontal and vertical ratios are roughly one to one in people with square face shapes as the widest of cheekbones. The square face lacks delicate and feminine traits, instead giving off a severe and angular impression.


What hairstyles suit me – Square face

A girl with a square, angular face will find it difficult to choose what hairstyles suit me. But don’t be self-conscious about the shape of your face. To select the best hairstyle for you, you must first figure out your facial features, as well as the dos and don’ts of hair styling.

With such a face ratio of square face, it is better for users to stay away from hairstyles like straight, shoulder-length hair, thick and flat bangs, short straight hair cut to the chin. Instead, going for soft or curvy hairstyles for square faces will help to turn the harsh line on your face into softness and stunning or shag with curtain bangs, side-parted lob, or something.

5. What hairstyles suit me – Heart shaped face

Hairline becomes the wildest part on the face, which is identified as the heart shaped face. If you have a heart-shaped face, the sharp chin and wide forehead may be tough to overlook. Because your forehead is the broadest area of your face, this facial shape is also known as an inverted triangle. Your chin is likewise sharp, giving you a lovely appearance. The facial shape of the heart is frequently characterized as mathematically beautiful with following distinguishing features:

  • The brow is high and broad, and the center core is separated into two balanced halves.
  • Cheekbones don’t have to be very high to be full and round.
  • Added chubbiness to the cheeks
  • Face with a heart shape and an angled jawbone
  • The somewhat pointed chin contrasts with the typical style.
  • It’s difficult to say whether a heart-shaped face is attractive or unattractive because facial contours play a big role.


What hairstyles suit me – Heart shaped face

In general, the heart face exudes a unique charm that exudes a radiant and unique attractiveness. Some people have a hard appearance, lacking in charm and tenderness, due to the pointed tip of their chin. In terms of “what hairstyles suit me” for a heart-shaped face, bangs are the first and foremost hairstyle to create the balance for the width of the face.

For instance, users can try layers and long bangs; bouncy short bob or texture-shoulder length, and sort of like that which is suitable for the demands of users, also combine the pros of this heart-shaped face. Don’t forget to skip baby bangs or middle parts for the desired beauty.

6. What hairstyles suit me – Diamond shaped face

If you have no idea about diamond shaped face, look at the image of Meghan Fox or Ciara as typical examples. Follow us, if your cheekbone position is high, combined with a good pointed chin, that means, you have a diamond shaped face with uniqueness and easy to highlight. In other words, your cheekbones of diamond shaped face are at the widest region of the face, compared to the position of a narrow forehead and jawline. Its traits are absolutely similar with the names of the gem to create a gorgeous face shape!


What hairstyles suit me – Diamond shaped face

Choosing the proper haircut and makeup, a diamond facial shape can be complimented and its best features highlighted. Talking about “what hairstyles suit me” for this face, don’t forget to check out our suggestions as below. Choosing long haircuts to highlight the cheekbone tend to work smoothly for your appearance.

  • Hairstyles with chin length bob cuts or shoulder length wispy kicked out looks improve width towards the area of your chin.
  • Styles that tuck in behind the ears are particularly great for highlighting a great cheekbone structure.
  • Straight across bangs hairstyles, as well as side parts, as a way to shorten long faces.
  • Sleek high ponytail for a chic look is also a perfect choice for users.

If bangs are the top priority for a heart shaped face, a heavy and rounded bang does not belong to the list of “what hairstyles suit me” for a diamond shaped face. Short haircuts are the next hairstyle users need to definitely avoid with this face.

7. What hairstyles suit me – Long face

One of the different traits of a long face when making a comparison with an oval is the length of the chin. If you are looking for hairstyles to answer this concern “what hairstyles suit me” – for long hair is to focus on balancing the width and the length as well. One of the perfect ways to pick up hairstyles for long hair is to make use of the trend of the world – curtain bangs to highlight the beauty of cheekbones and eyes, not totally hide the trait of long hair. Sleek straight layer is the next recommendation of our list to make you feel balanced with this haircut.


What hairstyles suit me – Long face

With the “wider not longer” rule, users need to skip hairstyles which can lengthen your hair, including long ponytail, long hair or something similar may worsen your look.

We have to believe that whether you belong to the face form, you are also the best version of yourself. On the flip side, if you are subtle in choosing “what hairstyles suit me”, you likely have the chance to double your appearance with our certain instructions. The most important mission of hairstyles is to highlight your beauty, and please combine with the advantages of face shape to work out efficiently!

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