Why Does My Hair Tangle So Easily – Best Practical Solutions

We have to admit that we have never wished to take time for detangling our hair despite any reasons because of its hurt and uncomfortability. More importantly, this step has a negative impact on hair strands with strong pressure on them. For the upcoming time, they tend to become vulnerable, broken and weaker than ever. If you suffer many times wondering why does my hair tangle so easily, definitely don’t miss our content with a step-by-step analysis of the possible reasons for this matter, along with offering feasible ways to deal with this concern for you guys. Are you ready to follow our content right now?

Why-does-my-hair tangle-so-easily

Why Does My Hair Tangle So Easily – Best Practical Solution

1. Why does my hair tangle so easily – The possible reasons

Have you ever spent a night sleeping in a variety of positions, exposing your hair to the breeze, or simply left it in its natural form, only to find that your hair is still tangled and the hairs are tough to stick together? It is time for you to ask yourself why does my hair tangle so easily? It is better to pick up the reasons behind the matter as the most important thing. Hence, we tend to offer the first and foremost knowledge to answer your question: why does my hair tangle so easily in advance.

1.1 Dry hair – Reason why does my hair tangle so easily

Related to the structure of the scalp, we would like to share that the first explanation may be the messy and dry condition of hair strands! The reason for this is that the sebaceous glands at the base of the hair, which are responsible for keeping the scalp moist, are not functioning properly, causing the hair to become drier and more prone to damage.

In other words, the lack of natural moisture in the hair is the primary cause of knotted hair. When hair strands are dry, they suck moisture from the environment, causing the hairs to clump together, resulting in frizzy and tangled hair.

Why-does-my-hair tangle-so-easily_3

Why does my hair tangle so easily?

Furthermore, dry hair is particularly prone to the damaging effects of the external environment to which we are frequently exposed, such as sunshine, wind, sea water, swimming pool water, or a dusty atmosphere, etc without any protection for the hair. This makes a great contribution to the dry and broken hair structures.

1.2 Other reasons why does my hair tangle so easily

Furthermore, several seemingly innocuous everyday routines become the primary reason for this condition of your hair. Some of them are:

  • Tying our hair too tightly with improper hair bands.
  • Washing our hair with a high frequency: sometimes users can go beyond the times for cleaning their hair and it is highly recommended to avoid. Please remember that how many times to wash hair in a week is of importance.
  • Overusing hot machines to style: with heat exposure from styling machines, users are likely to prevent its effects.
  • Applying hair care products including chemical or toxic ingredients which may cause our hair to dry and split.
Why-does-my-hair tangle-so-easily_2

Why does my hair tangle so easily?

  • Using many chemicals for dying or bleaching: Chemicals are required to curl, straighten, and color your hair whether it is curled, straightened, or coloured. These chemicals can cause breakage and inflammation in the hair and scalp.

We have to admit that there are a wide range of reasons behind the broken hair strands that lead to the questions of users why does my hair tangle so easily. According to the hair experts, this also comes from our different physical conditions as well. So, how to address this severe occurrence? Follow us to the next part.

2. Why does my hair tangle so easily – The solutions

Do not be negative and worried about this fixation since we are here to help you! Let’s take note that if they pay attention to a little more cautious hair care, they can still get shiny hair and reduce tangles and breakage. Let’s figure out which they are:

  • Remember to lightly massage the scalp with your hands before shampooing to stimulate the sebaceous glands and supply nutrients to the hair, as well as limit the dryness.
  • It is better to wash your hair with cold water to seal the cuticle in the hair shaft (or slightly warm) water, since hot water or water containing a lot of calcium, as limestone will cause your hair to lose moisture and become drier. It is important to note that you are incorrect if you believe that washing your hair on a frequent basis would help your hair retain moisture. Your hair will become more damaged if you overwash your hair and it is time to answer why does my hair tangle so easily.
Why-does-my-hair tangle-so-easily_5

Solutions to why does my hair tangle so easily

  • Because dry hair is prone to breakage, loss, and split ends, moderate shampoos  must be carefully chosen that contain moisturizers that will help the proper growth of the hair. There are certain dry hair shampoos that are high in hair conditioners like ceramides, essential oils, or essential fatty acids!
  • Users should also apply an extra moisturizing conditioner after shampooing to make their hair shinier and more massage oil on their scalp to prevent hair split ends. Remember to rinse your hair with cold water after using more of these hair oils!
  • Comb hair in a proper way: Many girls have a habit of combing and pulling to remove these tangled hairs. This habit not only hurts your scalp, but also inadvertently causes hair loss and weakening. The best way to limit hair loss and deal with why does my hair tangle so easily is to use your hands, gently remove tangles, then use a wide-tooth comb nicely in the morning and at night before going to bed for 5 minutes to detangle fresh tangles. While you sleep, this step has the ability to maintain your hair health and limit damage.
Why-does-my-hair tangle-so-easily_4

Solutions to why does my hair tangle so easily

  • Every three months, trim your hair: our advice is to try to get your hair trimmed at a salon. In an unexpected way, a simple trim will help your hair prevent tangles. Trim damaged hair is effective to prevent it from growing back. Helps your hair grow stronger and healthier by keeping the areas where it looks healthy and bouncy.
  • Use hair extensions! Have you ever thought of this idea? Nowadays, the wholesale hair extensions business is blooming, so it is normal to use hair extensions for a perfect hair look. This is an effective way to cover the weaknesses of your natural hair.

3. Recommend recipes for why does my hair tangle so easily

With our suggestions, we totally believe that users can solve their problems after applying them on a daily basis. On the flip side, we highly recommend recipes at home to protect and prevent this matter to happen with natural ingredients for why does my hair tangle so easily:

3.1 Hair masks – Solution to why does my hair tangle so easily

Besides conditioners and conditioners, hair masks become one of the effective ways to nourish our hair, particularly dried and damaged hair. The benefit of these masks is that they are made with natural nutritional elements that protect against chemical impacts. At the same time, the ingredients are easy to get by and can be picked up easily as well.

A hair mask should be applied at least once a week to improve the overall growth of your hair strands as a way to replenish your hair’s nutrition and hydration, and especially minimize the risk of  tangleness. Hair masks are made to answer the question why does my hair tangle so easily.

Why-does-my-hair tangle-so-easily_6

Hair masks – Solution to why does my hair tangle so easily

Users can totally take some recommendations into consideration in the long journey to conquer a healthy and shiny hair:

  • Banana + olive oil + honey: Banana is a great “savior” for damaged hair, in addition to having silky white skin. Bananas are high in potassium, carbs, and vitamins, which help to prevent split ends and dryness while also encouraging faster hair growth. Furthermore, olive oil includes a number of fatty acids that easily penetrate each hair follicle to supply hydration to the hair, keeping it smooth and free of knots. Honey also aids in the reduction of hair loss and the effective prevention of knots.
Why-does-my-hair tangle-so-easily_7

Honey + banana + oil masks – Solution to why does my hair tangle so easily

  • Olive oil + aloe vera: Hair that is frizzy or dry is more difficult to style. A hair mask made with the two substances listed above will help you recover your brittle hair. Aloe vera is a moisturizing component that also helps to clean the scalp effectively, and has a vital role for why does my hair tangle so easily. And, as mentioned earlier, olive oil is the element that maintains hair silky and moisturized for an extended period of time.
Why-does-my-hair tangle-so-easily_8

Aloe vera + olive oil masks – Solution to why does my hair tangle so easily

  • Yogurt + egg + honey: Many nutrients in eggs, such as vitamins E and B, stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair. Vitamin A aids in the elimination of dandruff flakes. Chicken eggs also help to enhance the ability to regenerate hair follicles and mend damaged hair, while yogurt helps to nurture softer hair.
Why-does-my-hair tangle-so-easily_9

Egg + honey + yogurt masks – Solution to why does my hair tangle so easily

  • Avocado + olive oil + milk: Avocado is a must-have ingredient for repairing damaged hair. This fruit has elements that hydrate the hair and help to revive lackluster strands. Fresh milk is also a good source of moisture and protects the hair from environmental factors.
Why-does-my-hair tangle-so-easily_10

Avocado + milk + honey masks – Solution to why does my hair tangle so easily

3.2 Protect hair during bedtime – Solution to why does my hair tangle so easily

Stiff fibers in common pillows can be damaging to hair. When you pillow your head, extra friction is formed on the pillow’s surface, which hurts your hair. That explains why your hair is less lustrous, prone to curls, and frizzy every morning.

Cotton is a coarser, thicker fabric than silk. Silk microfibers prevent friction between your hair and your pillow, protecting your hair from damage and reducing frizz and hair loss while you sleep. Especially for those of you who frequently flip over in your sleep. Alternatively, you can simply cover the pillow with a silk towel and lie on it and eliminate the concern for why does my hair tangle so easily.

Why-does-my-hair tangle-so-easily_11

Using bonnet – Solution to why does my hair tangle so easily

Another way is to braid hair to keep the order of hair strands to prevent tangles. This method includes French braid, Dutch braid or sort of like that.

3.3 Use hair serum – Solution to why does my hair tangle so easily 

Hair, like skin, is known as the mechanism to regenerate when sleeping. Apply a little conditioner before bed at least twice a week to give your hair the best possible condition. This method aids in the delivery of essential nutrients to damaged hair, making it shinier and smoother for those who are asking why does my hair tangle so easily.

Dryness and split ends are more common at the ends of the hair than at the roots. So, in addition to combing your hair to ensure that the oil on your scalp is adequately dispersed to the ends, you should moisturize your hair by massaging a few drops of specialized hair oil into the ends. Your hair will feel smoother and softer when you wake up.

Why-does-my-hair tangle-so-easily_12

Using hair serum – Solution to why does my hair tangle so easily

You may boost the strength and smoothness of your hair by investing a little time in the evening to perform a few simple hair care methods. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hair silky, smooth, and naturally attractive right now.

The bottom line is that readers could grasp the necessary knowledge and find out the answer for why does my hair tangle so easily! In addition, K-Hair is the best wholesale hair factory in Vietnam, so our website is also able to give you the best information on buying hair extension products in quantities and dozens of topics of wholesale hair business as well.

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